Requests for my scripts

About once a year, someone asks me if I’m willing to sell text copies of my scripts. I’ve always said ‘no’. I put a lot of work into creating unique scripts, and I’m very protective of that intellectual property.

Today it was suggested that I could think of my scripts like sheet music or plays; license the right to scripts for personal uses only. The buyer could recite script for their spouse, but could not record them or profit from them. So I thought about it. And I think it would be too risky.

The main difference between music and hypnosis is that music is broadcast on the radio; hypnosis recordings are played only in private settings. While the music industry has a huge infrastructure in place to detect plagiarism and sampling and an army of lawyers to recoup lost profits; I have none. If some unscrupulous person made a recording from my scripts, I’d be unlikely to find out about it. And even if I did find out, I couldn’t afford to hire a lawyer to file an injunction or force them to pay me a share of the profits. So the best protection, for now, is to keep my scripts under lock and key.

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