Rerecorded Obedient Desire

Obedient Desire - Erotic obedience training for submissive women

Those of you who have been following Hypnotic Dreams for a while, or who have bought several recordings, may have noticed the recent improvement in recording quality. In 2013, I purchased some new recording equipment and audited an online course in audio production. This enabled me to improve my recording quality. Obedient Desire is my most popular recording, and I felt I owed it to my fans to rerecord it. I made only minor tweaks to the script, but the recording quality is noticeably better.

As usual, the new release is on sale for the introductory (ok, re-introductory) price of $20 USD. But customers who purchased the original version may ‘upgrade’ for just $5 (with proof of original purchase).

Listen to the new sample,  here

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