Retitle Perfect Fetish?

By | September 17, 2009

One of my customers just told me that Building the Perfect Fetish was a poor title for my third recording.

In her words:

It’s a confusing title, and it should focus instead on what it’s really about, which is not really hypnosis–that’s only from your perspective. From the woman’s perspective, it’s about her body, and being more comfortable taking orders from some specific person, who is not really a hypnotist; I think from a woman’s point of view, that’s a metaphor. The man she’s thinking of is going to be her lover.

Therefore, it makes sense that it be called something like “hypnotic orgasm,” or something like that.

But the story is about creating a hypnosis fetish. And the post-hypnotic suggestions are geared towards creating a hypnosis fetish in the listener. Plus I always liked the play on words and the reference to Don Henley’s album “Building the Perfect Beast”. It’s just that in this case the “beast” is a hypnosis fetish.

So normally I wouldn’t consider changing the title, except that the recording sells poorly compared to my other recordings. And I wonder if changing the title would help it sell better.