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Another great review. This one from sexual health educator and founder of, Bianca Laurindo. Bianca brought a new perspective to her review.

I immediately saw how this provided another layer and source of pleasure for people with different abilities. Often many items are created for able-bodied people, rarely considering how people with different abilities may interact and enjoy the item. However, Hypnotic Dreams has created a product that can be utilized by people with various needs and seeking a somewhat “untraditional” experience.

I also saw this as having a value for folks who are in treatment or working with a health care provider for various topics that may come up in their sexual and reproductive health. Some of the audio stories I listened to may be useful for people who are attempting to overcome some level of trauma connected to their sexual health and/or experiencing pleasure. This feature is unique as not all “toys” or items for sexual pleasure can be utilized in such a way.

Bianca Laurindo

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Bianca is not the first person to suggest that my erotic hypnosis recordings could benefit people suffering from sexual trauma. But because I’m not a licensed therapist, I have downplayed the idea. Now that a professional sexual health educator has suggested this, and put it in writing, maybe I can give the idea more consideration.

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