Reviews of The Couch Trip.

My Rebate for Reviews promotion has been somewhat successful. In less than a week, I received three very positive reviews of The Couch Trip; two were posted to and one posted to All three agree that the script and Tammy’s voice were very hypnotic and very erotic.

The only negative thing that the reviewer’s mentioned was the price. They noted that I charge $20 more for the femdom recordings than I do for the “for women” recordings. All I can say is, I priced the recording near the midrange of what other femdoms charge for their recordings. Several femdom hypnosis audio recordings are more expensive, several are less expensive. And I priced the “for women” recordings much cheaper because women are less eager to pay for sexual recordings.

Unfortunately, the good reviews didn’t stop the traffic spike from dropping off. The announcement that The Couch Trip was available more than doubled my web traffic… for 2 days. But after the initial interest, I’m back to barely receiving any traffic from It’s very frustrating.

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