Rezoned 1st draft written

By | March 5, 2010

I finished writing the first draft of Rezoned last night. This is a slightly kinky fantasy about having your skin delicately brushed to enhance your sensual awareness and expand your erogenous zones. Slightly kinky? near vanilla? I’m not sure exactly how you categorize a body painting fantasy when the ‘paint’ is only moonlight and your own sexual fluids.

In this fantasy you’re a prim and proper lady who is persuaded to model for an artist. His first painting hints that underneath your prim and proper exterior lies a sensualist. Intrigued, you sneak back to his studio late one night to lay naked on a bed of furs in the soft moonlight. The artist then dips his brush in both the moonlight and your sex to paint lines of sexuality over your body; connecting every inch of your skin to your sex and awakening your awareness of your body’s ability to enjoy every caress as a sensual caress. The script concludes with post-hypnotic suggestions to feel your erogenous zones expand and be more aware of your body’s sensuality.

I’m still debating whether to keep the working title, Rezoned, or use something like Brushed Sensuality or Delicately Brushed.

Good news or bad: I now have 3 completed hypnosis scripts (4 if you count the femdom script and 5 if you count the meditation script) that are ready for recording. But either way, I guess I better get back to rehearsing.

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