Sensual Touching with Hypnosis

Reawaken Your Sense of Touch

Mindful awareness of sensual touching is essential for building intimate emotional and sexual connections with lovers.

Many women (and men too) become deeply aroused by a kiss on the neck or the ear. Others become more aroused by touching and kissing their lover. The mind may be your most powerful sex organ, but your skin is the largest and most sensitive. Your skin covers your whole body, and your skin is the same all over. So what makes one area seem more erotic than another? What makes a caress between your thighs more sensual than a touch on the shoulder? Only your awareness of the connection between that touch and your sexuality. As newborns, we feel everything that touches our skin with equal intensity. But as we grow, we learn to ignore many of the sensations that come from our skin. We don our clothes, then ignore they way they feel as we go about our day. We sit in a chair, then ignore the feeling of the chair as we read a book or watch TV. We hold a glass in our hands, but ignore the feel of the glass as we talk with a friend.

The Artist's Brush

The Artist's Brush

Victorian era romantic erotica for women


Surrendering to the pleasure of being touched is essential for sexual arousal and orgasm. But when we get into the habit of ignoring our sense of touch, we disconnect from our sexuality. The brain is hard-wired to develop habits, and to repeatedly fall back on them. Transforming complex actions into habits frees the conscious mind to learn new things and deal with new situations. But the more we reinforce a habit, the harder it is to break. So the more we reinforce the habit of ignoring our sense of touch, the harder it is to return to the state of mind where we can enjoy being touched and caressed.


Hypnosis or Meditation for Sensual Touching

Both hypnosis and meditation provide tools for becoming more mindfully aware of sensual touching. Through meditation you can learn to quiet your mind, eliminate linguistic thoughts and focus on being aware of your senses. Meditation can be effective and relaxing. But for some people, the process of building new mental habits through meditation can be slow and difficult. Hypnosis provides several ways to enhance your awareness and retrain the mind more quickly.

Hypnosis focuses the mind quickly, eliminating the sights and sounds that would remind you of work or chores. Once in a trance, hypnotic suggestions can enhance your awareness and help build a new habit of letting the sensations overwhelm you so that you can immerse yourself in the pleasure of being touched, kissed and caressed.

My erotic audio story, The Artist’s Brush, is a hypnotically sensual fantasy about a woman who has repressed her sensual awareness. She meets an artist who hypnotizes her and helps her reconnect with her body’s senses. This audio story includes a hypnotic induction that draws the listener into the story and into a trance with the heroine. The listener then experiences the sensual reawakening as the heroine does, and accepts the post-hypnotic suggestions to enjoy even greater pleasure in the touch of her real-life lover.

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Erotic Hypnosis for Women

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Embedding post-hypnotic suggestions in a sensual story has several advantages. But most importantly, the story is entertaining. And when a story is entertaining, a person will enjoy listening over and over, accepting and reinforcing multiple suggestions to surrender to the pleasure of being touched. With repeated listening, the mind will quickly develop the habit of surrendering to the pleasure of being touched.