Sent the book to beta readers

I’ve given up on finding a literary agent for my book, Exploring Erotic Hypnosis .  But I’ve identified a few small independent presses that publish sexual health/instruction books, and I’m querying them now.  There’s a strong possibility I’ll be forced to self publish again, and I’m also preparing for that.

Apparently when I self-published my novels, I did almost everything wrong. I especially screwed up the marketing. And that meant almost no sales. So I’m taking my time with this book, reading and learning about marketing and book promotions.

One of the things I’ve learned is the importance of beta readers; peers who give you feedback. So today I shared my synopsis and TOC with my mailing list and asked for volunteer beta readers. I also asked for volunteers on Fetlife and mcforum. A total of six people offered to read the current draft of my new book. I’m looking forward to their feedback.