Sexually Explicit Language

A few people have expressed surprise at my use of explicit erotic language. So let me explain: The words we use shape our perception of objects and activities. Words such as “penis” and “vagina” represent the body parts clinically, i.e., with no reference to their functions and with no emotional implication. The terms “pussy” and “birth canal” both refers to the vagina, but “birth canal” specifically refers to its function during labor (pushing out the baby), while “pussy” refers to its function during sex (receiving a man). The penis is used for both peeing and for sexual intercourse. The word “cock” specifically represents the erect penis when it is full of desire for a woman and ready to give her pleasure.

One of the goals for my recordings is to get the listener to think about the body in erotic terms and to enjoy the anticipation of erotic pleasure that comes with those thoughts. If I were to use words like “penis” and “vagina”, the listener might think about about these body parts’ other functions, peeing and giving birth respectively. Or worse, a woman might think about a yeast infection. This could have had the opposite effect of what’s intended. But words like “cock” and “pussy” explicitly refers to the sexual desire that can be felt in the body. These words, therefore, shape the listener’s perception of the body’s sensations as an expression of sexual desire and a source of sexual pleasure.

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