Shibby will record Sympathetic Magic

Shibby will record my next femdom mp3, Sympathetic Magic. In this mp3, a powerful ‘witch’ tells a story of how she ensnared her woodsman, enthralled and aroused him, then used her erotic magic to ensure his sexual devotion and obedience. As you listen, you’ll find yourself in the woods with her, ensnared in her trap and aroused by her magic. You’ll watch helplessly as she takes the essence of your cock and infuses it into her phallic-shaped pendant. And you’ll be amazed when you see her stroke the little phallic symbol and feel it each stroke on your own cock.

I wrote this script several years ago, and my short story, The Witch in the Woods, is actually adapted from this script.

Shibby will record this script during a live voice chat on Monday, Sept 25, 2017 at 1:00 pm Eastern Time. I will try to listen in. So if anyone wants to chat about the script afterwards, my screen name is Mesmer7.


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