The Witch in the Woods

Note: I adapted this story from the script for my hypnotic MP3, Sympathetic Magic. Tags: female dominant, male/female sex, handjob, magic, outdoor sex. The pages felt brittle. I feared they would crack if I turned them too quickly. But the woods whispered of my huntsman’s approach, and I wanted to review the spell one last… Read More »

One Do-It-Yourself Kinky Comic Book Movie

Note: This story is a sequel to The Three-Point Orgasm. Tags: Mind control erotica, Male dominant, female/female sex, comic books, humor, cosplay Joyce handed scripts to Carly, Mike, and myself. I asked her, “You know I’ve never directed a video before, right?” “But you consulted on a few, right? That puts you a step ahead… Read More »

The Three Point Orgasm

Tags: Mind control erotica, Male dominant, male/female sex, exhibitionism, breast enlargement, humor I snapped my fingers and woke the ladies from their trance. “Let’s give our volunteers a big hand.” I clapped for them, and the audience joined me in applauding the girls. Leslie and Sara erupted into embarrassed laughter, and buried their faces in… Read More »

René and the Demon

Arnie entered his apartment to find a girl lying on the couch. Dressed in jeans, a sweatshirt, and sneakers, she looked like an undergrad. The head phones covering her ears and her closed eyes, told him that she was listening to one of his roommate’s immersive hypnosis programs. Isaac’s laptop on the coffee table displayed… Read More »

Learning to Love Freely

Tags: mind control erotica, male/female sex, male dominant Part 1 Allison still wasn’t sure what to expect. She and Daniel had been chatting online for several weeks. Unlike her ex-boyfriend, Daniel made her feel comfortable talking about anything, including sex. So comfortable in fact, that she agreed to fly all the way from Tampa to… Read More »

Cable TV Seduction

Note: I wrote this many, many years ago as a letter to a pen pal. I think my writing has improved considerably since then, but some of you may still enjoy it. Tags: Mind control erotica, male dominant, male/female sex, subliminal messages Imagine that it is September, you are returning to school, and you are… Read More »