Skill is Sexy

World's Greatest Hypnotist Comic

This comic represents a popular fantasy among people with a hypnosis fetish, the fantasy of being hypnotized without being consciously aware of it.

People who enjoy this fantasy want more than just to be hypnotized. They want to be awed, amazed, and sometimes surprised. They also want to be seduced by a hypnotist they can respect and with whom they’ll feel safe. All of these feelings add to the eroticism of discovering they’ve been hypnotized.

At first, this might seem like a stark contrast to subjects who want to know everything that the hypnotist says. But both types of subjects are attracted to the hypnotists’ skills.

Why are skills attractive? I think the answer can be found in one the BDSM community’s favorite sayings, “You must master yourself before you can master others.”

Someone who demonstrates mastery of a skill (any skill) is demonstrating the results of years of self discipline, and a focused effort towards self mastery. When a submissive hypnofetishst sees such self-mastery, they take it as evidence that the hypnotist is both capable of dominating them and worthy to do so.

Hypnofetishists are not the only people attracted skills. I believe it is a major contributing factor for people who are attracted to artists, musicians, and writers. And attraction to self-discipline is likely a major factor for people who are attracted to soldiers and athletes. But for the submissive hypnofetishist, this self-mastery is even more important.

Submissive hypnofetishists want to let a hypnotist into their mind. They want the hypnotist to manipulate their thoughts and feelings, and in extreme cases to change their very identity. A high-level of skill is essential to make such changes while protecting the subject’s mental health. A hypnotist who hasn’t mastered their skills might fail to make the desired changes, or worse, cause psychological harm.

I once heard about a hypnotist who inadvertently convinced her subject that he had been sexually abused as a child. This caused him to doubt his own memories, which lowered his self esteem and filled him with anxiety. Even when he managed to convince himself that no abuse had taken place, he couldn’t shake the self-doubt or anxiety for over a year.

Stories like this make some people leery of hypnotists. But for others, it reinforces the desire/need to find a highly skilled hypnotist.

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