Status update – Books and Audios

I’m sure it looks like I haven’t done anything with Hypnotic Dreams for the last few months. But I have been working on a few things. Back in August 2020, I decided the articles I’ve posted here constitute about half of a book. But after the writing a book proposal and a detailed table of contents, I realized those articles would only be about 1/4 of the book. I also realized that the articles don’t fit the book exactly as written. I have to rewrite about half the text to them fit into a cohesive whole.

I’ve written an additional 4 chapters for the book. I’ve written chapters on the difference between erotic hypnosis and hypnotherapy, induction techniques, deepening techniques, and suggestion techniques. I’ve refrained from posting these chapters online because I don’t know enough about book marketing to know how much to give away for free and how much to reserve for people who buy the book. I need a literary agent to help  with that.

I’ve queried 80 agents in the past 5 months. No luck so far. I have received a few encouraging rejections.  But most have either  sent form letter rejections, or haven’t responded. Apparently that’s normal for unknown authors.  So I haven’t given up yet.

If any literary agents read this and are interested, please contact me through the link in the web site’s footer. Note that this is a nonfiction book on erotic hypnosis, sexual health, and dominance and submission, but I also write sci fi and erotica.


Re: new recordings

I know it’s been a long time since I recorded anything. I’ve just learned that my asthma inhaler has been depositing medication on my vocal chords. And that’s what’s been affecting my voice. I’m trying a new medication now, and my voice is starting to improve. So I’m hoping I’ll be able to record something new this summer. Might even go back and rerecord some of the previous recordings that I’m not fully happy with.

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