Status update – Books and Audios

I’m sure it looks like I haven’t done anything with Hypnotic Dreams for the last few months. But I have been working on a few things. Back in August 2020, I decided the articles I’ve posted here constitute about half of a book. But after the writing a book proposal and a detailed table of contents, I realized those articles would only be about 1/4 of the book. I also realized that the articles don’t fit the book exactly as written. I have to rewrite about half the text to them fit into a cohesive whole.

I’ve written an additional 4 chapters for the book. I’ve written chapters on the difference between erotic hypnosis and hypnotherapy, induction techniques, deepening techniques, and suggestion techniques. I’ve refrained from posting these chapters online because I don’t know enough about book marketing to know how much to give away for free and how much to reserve for people who buy the book. I need a literary agent to help with that.

I’ve queried 80 agents in the past 5 months. No luck so far. I have received a few encouraging rejections. But most have either sent form letter rejections, or haven’t responded. Apparently that’s normal for unknown authors. So I haven’t given up yet.

If any literary agents read this and are interested, please contact me through the link in the web site’s footer. Note that this is a nonfiction book on erotic hypnosis, sexual health, and dominance and submission, but I also write sci fi and erotica.


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