Good Vibrations

Feel my sexy voice as erotic vibrations throughout your body. Sounds are vibrations that we detect with our ears. When vibrations reach our eardrums, the membranes respond by vibrating with the same frequency. Our brains interpret this as hearing a sound. But we are in fact, feeling a vibration.

In this erotic hypnosis program, I take you to the beach and use the sound of the ocean to relax you into a deep sensual trance. I undress you and begin kissing your body, humming to sensitize your body to the sound of my voice.  Then, through prolonged foreplay, I help you discover your body’s ability to feel the vibrations of my voice with each of your erogenous zones.

I move between your legs and continue humming while lovingly performing cunnilingus. This  increases the sensitivity of your pussy and clit until they resonate with my voice and send the erotic vibrations radiating into every part of your body. Then I take the time to embed the vibrations of one special word into your sex. So that whenever you hear me say it, you’ll instantly return to the state of mind that enables you to feel my voice as an erotic vibration through out your body.

The session ends with a full-body orgasm that will anchor the pleasure in your subconscious memory and enable you to enjoy the experience even more deeply and automatically every time you listen.

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Sexual Explicitness



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Post-hypnotic Suggestions

Become aroused at the sound of my voice., Feel my voice as vibrations in your sex and throughout your body.


Yes, and only I can use them.


26 minutes


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