Introducing Erotic Hypnosis

The first in a series of erotic hypnosis MP3s developed specifically for women. Introducing Erotic Hypnosis is for women who are just discovering (or just starting to explore) erotic hypnosis.

In this MP3, I guide you through a basic breathing exercise, then a full-body relaxation induction. Once relaxed, I’ll guide you into a trance. You will then visualize me with you, gently making love to you. Guided visualization helps you feel each kiss and caress as I describe it. And positive affirmations help you feel your body respond with both arousal and pleasure.

The session builds to an orgasm. And as you lay in the afterglow, I offer additional positive affirmations:

  • become more in tune with your body,
  • see yourself as a more sensual and sexual being,
  • relax during sex,
  • and enjoy deeper arousal and more intense orgasms with your real-life lover(s).


“…a unique and wonderful way to connect with your own sexuality.” — Oysters&Chocolate

“It took me to a previously unexplored place within my own sexual self; one which provided some unexpected thrills and distinctive feelings.” — The Erotic Woman


Additional information

Sexual Explicitness




Post-hypnotic Suggestions

Become more easily aroused with any lover., Become more in tune with your body., Enjoy being a sensual woman.




26 minutes (approx 30 MB)