Obedient Desire

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Enhance your obedience training with hypnotic conditioning. Experience a sexually explicit session, which increases your desire to obey within a consensual BDSM relationship.

Combining hypnosis, age regression, and guided visualization, this MP3 weaves the desire to obey into every aspect of your subconscious sexuality. Repeated listening will instill (and strengthen) a desire to obey within a safe, sane and consensual D/s relationship. Listening will also instill the belief that obedience makes you more attractive and desirable, and condition you to become sexually aroused when obeying your chosen dom or master.

The MP3 begins with you watching an erotic hypnosis stage show. After the show, you ask why being made to obey seems so erotic. So I show you. I hypnotize you and take you back to a time, as a little girl, you enjoyed playing obedience games with cute boys.

In this trance, you discover that you enjoy playing these games. And you love the attention boys give you when you’re obedient. One invites you to train for a competitive team. And you love it so much, you decide to devote yourself to your obedience training. I, as your teacher, begin to coach you, enhancing your obedience training with hypnosis. Training day after day, year after year, you make obedience a reflex.

You grow into a teenager and discover your sexuality awakening. You begin dating and discover that boys are attracted to your obedience. And when they start commanding you sexually, it makes you fiercely aroused.

And now that you’re old enough, I make your obedience training more explicitly sexual. I train you to obey commands such as undress, hold still and allow yourself to be fondled, accept a spanking, kiss my body, hold still with a cock part way inside you, fuck, and cum on command.

Repeated listening will condition your subconscious to believe that obedience increases desire and intimacy, and leads to more fulfilling sex.


  • For the listener’s safety, this MP3 includes a post-hypnotic suggestion to choose only one person to obey.
  • Original produced in 2009. I recorded a new edition in 2015.



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Post-hypnotic Suggestions

Be safe., Choose just one person to obey and always obey them., You need to obey, obedience arouses you, total obedience fulfills you.




32 minutes