The Joy of Sharing

Ladies, become excited and eager to explore threesomes and polyamory.

Sharing is a pleasure that enhances other pleasures. Traditional relationships limit themselves to two lovers. But opening the relationship, including another lover, and sharing her can enhance everyone’s pleasure. The key is being attentive to the many ways sharing can enhance everyone’s excitement, especially your own.

In this Erotic hypnosis mp3, you discover the excitement and pleasure of sharing your erotic desires with one lover, then two. As you listen, you become drawn into the trance. You will see yourself watching erotic videos and reading erotic stories. Through these stories discover how other people enhance their excitement by sharing their lovers. You’ll begin to imagine a threesome with your man and another woman. You share your dream with your man and discover how sharing further enhances your excitement.

Then together, you and your man select another woman to invite into your relationship. You explore your first MFF threesome and discover how sharing two lovers enhances everyone’s passion and excitement.

Throughout the mp3, post-hypnotic suggestions are given to build positive anticipation for the pleasure of sharing your lovers. This builds the desire for a real-life threesome.

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Post-hypnotic Suggestions

Sharing enhances intimacy and pleasure. Become more open to a threesome.




33 minutes


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