The Pleasure Principle

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Increase your sex drive by conditioning your mind to enjoy the anticipation of shared sexual desire and activities.

In this MP3, I take you back to your teenage years; a time when you were curious about sex and eager to learn about it. Every girl you know shares this curiosity. You see it in their faces, hear it in their voices. Their curiosity – and yours – grows into anticipation and excitement.

You see yourself watching a girl just like you on TV. Curious and eager, she sneaks out of her room one night to watch one of the adult channels. The channel is scrambled. You can see just enough to stimulate your imagination. And mentally filling in the missing pieces puts you into a trance.

You see yourself in this movie where you’re attending a class titled, “The Pleasure of Sex, The Pleasure of Life.” The teacher is a beautiful older woman who radiates a hypnotic sensual confidence.

She introduces herself with a hypnotic rhythm that takes you deeper into a trance. She tells you that this class helps you align your conscious and subconscious desires. You’re subconscious already desires sexual pleasure, you just have to consciously accept the desire and see yourself as a sexual woman. She inspires you to imagine your perfect man. See his body, touch him, kiss him, flirt with him. Become aware of the way his body responds to your interest, and the way your body responds to your shared desires. Feel your excitement growing as you look forward to sharing more of these new pleasures. Using sophisticated NLP language patterns, the hypnotist helps you align your conscious and subconscious desires. So you can see yourself as a vibrant sexual woman who freely enjoys sharing your sexual desires.

Erotic and entertaining, you will enjoy listening to this MP3 again and again. Each time you listen, you increase your excitement and anticipation for sharing your desires. Soon you’ll be looking forward to all the pleasures of sex, which will naturally increase your sex drive.

Note: The recording is free of D/s and fetish references, so every women may enjoy listening and experience a healthy increase in sexual desire.

“…If you are looking to embrace the sensual woman in you, I would highly recommend trying one of these erotic audio stories before you try anything else…” — Oysters & Chocolate

“For any woman that has difficulty with getting aroused – I would highly recommend these hypnotherapy sessions.” — Olivia Van Logum

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