By | April 26, 2009

After 3 false starts, I finally wrote a complete script for my 8th recording, Subspace. I know I haven’t written much about it, but that was because I was stuck; a form of writer’s block. This was supposed to be my 6th recording. I actually tried to start this script last August (before Held) and in January (before Obedient Desire). It just couldn’t get passed the first few paragraphs. While those two scripts just flowed naturally.

But I finally put together a whole script that will achieve what I wanted.

The Subspace script is a surreal romantic/erotic story about a using a hypnotic sensory deprivation chamber to sink into the collective subconscious sexual desires of all women and explore the reasons for submission. I think that once it’s done, it will appeal to most novice submissive women, and those just thinking about submission.

I wonder if I should put a warning on the product page to avoid if you’re afraid of water or ghosts.