Supernatural and Hypnotic Erotica

Gypsy casting a spell for supernatural erotic roleplay

Most people instinctively know that to enjoy your sexuality to its fullest, you must be mindfully present in your arousal and the sensations of your body. Any distraction, however small or fleeting, can diminish your arousal or even kill the mood entirely. So when you imagine the perfect sexual encounter, it’s natural to imagine a lover who can focus your attention on your arousal and hold it there.

Many people imagine that ability as some form of a supernatural power. Some people imagine vampires with supernatural hypnosis. Some imagine succubi with demonically powerful sexuality. And others imagine witches who cast love spells. People imagine these powers overwhelm their minds with their body’s arousal, forcing them to forget everything else and revel in their sexuality.

Supernatural elements have been linked to this ability since ancient times. One of the most famous examples is Homer’s Odyssey (dating to the 7th Century BC). Odysseus, in this epic, encounters the Sirens, mermaids whose supernaturally beautiful voices drive men mad with lust. The theme can also be found medieval romances, such as Tristan and Isolde (where the heroes are overwhelmed by a love potion) and in reports of incubi and succubi who visited people in their sleep and filled their dreams with uncontrollable lust.

This theme continues to thrive today in the vast array of erotic horror and paranormal romances. And it has become the primary theme of most hypnotic erotica — more commonly called ‘erotic hypnosis‘.

What is Hypnotic Erotica?

A Tango in Subspace

A Tango in Subspace

Explore submission with this supernatural erotic hypnosis fantasy


Erotic hypnosis is the genre of erotic entertainment that uses hypnosis to engage listeners in an erotic fantasy. This genre includes both audio and video, which makes it a form of media-assisted roleplay. Unlike reading books, erotic hypnosis relies on the hypnotist’s ability to establish emotional rapport with the listener. With this rapport, the hypnotist can guide the listener to visualize an erotic encounter between them.

The hypnotist may begin with a formal hypnotic induction, by describing the scene, or by introducing the persona they’ve adapted for the fantasy. Then they draw you into the scene by describing the way their persona engages your physical senses and elicits both physical and emotional arousal. The combination of emotional rapport, trance, and suggestion helps you suspend disbelief. So you believe you’re interacting with the persona they’ve created. This belief enhances the hypnotic suggestions for physical sensations and emotional responses, enabling you to feel the suggested arousal and pleasure.

Hypnotic Supernatural Erotica

Like all the current pop culture, hypnotic erotica draws heavily from other genres, including mythology, sci-fi and fantasy, erotic horror, spy and adventure stories, and paranormal romance. Many enthusiasts attribute their interest in hypnosis to scenes in films like Dracula Has Risen from the Grave or White Zombie. So naturally, many hypnotists draw on these scenes for inspiration when writing about erotic hypnosis or creating hypnotic audio files.

One of the first erotic hypnosis stories I discovered was about a hooker who hypnotized her clients and convinced them she’d cast voodoo spells on their cocks. Like the supernatural beings mentioned above, she used her sexuality to arouse her clients and keep them mentally focused while demonstrating her ‘power’ over them. The men’s arousal both confirmed her claims of power over their bodies. Once they started believing in this power, she channeled that belief into excitement and anticipation for more intense arousal. That made their cocks even harder, further confirming her claims of power and control. This made her clients feel sexually intoxicated, overwhelmed, and hungry for more. This kept their conscious minds focused on her sexuality and distracted while she snuck hypnotic commands into their subconscious and conditioned them to become aroused on command.

Stories like this inspire hypnotists to create audio files that provide similar experiences for submissive men and women. They use hypnotic suggestion to help listeners suspend their disbelief and experience what it’s like to be the enthralled by supernatural sexual powers. Many hypnotists have also assumed the personas of goddesses, succubi, and vampires.

Both men and women love these supernatural erotic roleplay because hypnosis helps them experience the emotional resonance and rapport many need to become truly aroused. It also helps them stay mindfully present in their arousal, which enables more intense arousal then just watching porn. This is especially true for submissives, who seek to experience forced arousal and sexual enthrallment.

Demon Seed

Demon Seed

A paranormal kidnap and forced arousal fantasy


Hypnotic Dreams currently offers three MP3s for supernatural erotic roleplay, although more may be in the future.

  • A Tango in Subspace – (M4F) a trip through the collective subconscious helps newly submissive women and women who are ‘just curious’ explore and accept their desire for sexual submission.
  • Demon Seed –  (M4F) a demon rape fantasy with intense bondage and forced arousal submissive women.
  • Sympathetic Magic – (F4M) – femdom magical seduction and covert trance for submissive men.

An Unexpected Benefit

Exploring hypnotic erotica can be fun and exciting, and it can also provide an unexpected benefit. When listening to hypnotic erotica, you can learn to recognize the mental state that enhances physical arousal. You can also condition yourself to return to this state whenever you wish and remain in it longer. This enables you to become more easily and more intensely aroused with real-life lovers.

You’ll be able to read more about hypnotic supernatural roleplay when my book Understanding Erotic Hypnosis is released later this year.