Hypnosis Helps Women Reach Orgasm

Can hypnosis help women reach orgasm? Yes, it can. First, its important to understand that the word ‘reach’ is misleading here. Orgasm isn’t an achievement. It’s a response. Which means rather than striving to reach it, you need to be receptive to letting it happen. Orgasm is a natural response to rhythmic sexual stimulation. But… Read More »

CBS reports “Porn Might be Good for You”

That was CBS’ headline. Although no where in the report did it mention any health benefits. The report only stated that there was no real link between the availability of porn and sexually-related crimes. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2010/03/10/tech/main6286110.shtml This was unethical sensationalism on the part of CBS; downplaying the real message of the study. But on the bright… Read More »