Tested the Kegel Script

I tested the Kegel hypnosis script tonight. I connected with a new subject on Facebook; someone who hadn’t bought any of my recordings. I think someone new makes a better test subject than someone who is already conditioned to trance with my voice.

She said she liked the script and couldn’t wait to see the results. That alone told me it worked because the script includes a suggestion to enjoy anticipating the pleasure that comes from toning your muscles. But she also said:

never imagined connecting the boring exercises to such intimacy
makes complete sense
the three different exercises was great as well

She gave me just a couple of suggestions for improving it. Then we joked around about my working title. I had been calling it “Squeeze Box”. But lately, I’ve been thinking of saving that title for a story-length script, and naming this one something simpler.

The improvements are minor, so maybe I’ll record this script before I do The Artist’s Brush, or maybe I’ll record them both at the same time.

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