The brain works in mysterious ways

By | November 11, 2009

A few weeks ago, I sat down to start a hypnosis script for getting a woman to love sucking cock. But it just wouldn’t flow. So I started writing Demon Seed instead. That script flowed out so freely, I thought the momentum would carry me through the next script. So I started working on Reorienting, to introduce straight women to bisexuality. The introduction flowed nicely, but when I got just a little beyond that, it started looking like a dead end. I have to rethink the approach.

So today I took another look at the fellatio script, and guess what. The introduction just came together. So now I have two partial scripts and I’m not sure which one will my ridiculously undisciplined mind will be able to complete first. It’s almost like my conscious mind and subconscious mind are operating in two different tracks.