The Erotic Nature of Hypnosis

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Before the Internet, it was rare to meet anyone willing to talk about the erotic nature of hypnosis. But with the internet providing essentially anonymous communities, more and more people have become willing to talk about and explore erotic hypnosis. The more we talk, share experiences and thoughts, the more we all came to realize that “it’s not just me”. Trance is a natural, and essential part of sexual arousal, and hypnosis is the process of putting someone into trance.

Trance is a mental state where the conscious mind stops analyzing the meanings of words and allows the hypnotist to speak directly to the subconscious mind. In this state of mind, you are more receptive to the emotional content of the hypnotist’s words or touch. This state of mind and the concurrent receptiveness also occur naturally with sexual arousal.

We stop analyzing words during foreplay, and when sexually aroused, a person becomes receptive to the desires they sense in their lover. This state of mind is essentially a trance, but instead of receiving suggestions in words, you receive them in the kisses and caresses that urge you to open yourself to deeper arousal, more intimate contact, and greater sexual pleasure.

Once you recognize that sexual arousal is essentially a trance, you also realize that foreplay is a form of hypnosis; i.e., the process of putting someone into a trance (arousing them) and making them receptive to your desire for sex. So it’s natural to explore other ways hypnosis can be enhance our sexual pleasures.

Although pop culture mostly portrays hypnosis as a way for villains to control innocent victims, people have found a staggering variety of ways that hypnosis can enhance sexual pleasures, including reducing inhibitions, increasing arousal, amplifying orgasms, and of course, engaging in erotic power exchanges. Reducing inhibitions and increasing arousal are the most common uses of erotic hypnosis. Both men and women can sometimes think too much or get blocked by thoughts of bad experiences. Such thoughts inhibit a person’s ability to enjoy the present sexual activity. Enjoying the full potential of sex requires a person to put aside those thoughts and “feel” the moment. Hypnosis not only helps a person put aside the distracting unwanted thoughts, but also helps them become more aware of their body’s responses; enabling them to feel everything more deeply and intimately. This, in turn, opens the door for those deep satisfying orgasms that we all want to experience.

One of the most popular ways to employ hypnosis is in erotic power exchange activities, where one person willingly gives another control over their thoughts, actions and/or pleasure. Controlling another person or being controlled is very intimate, and creates a feeling of being connected. The more complete the control, the more intimately the two people feel connected. The controlled person, called a submissive, enters a state of mind called subspace. Much like a trance, in subspace the submissive stops thinking critically and allows their thoughts and feelings to be controlled by the dominant. So the process of getting someone into subspace can be considered another form of hypnosis; even if the process is not structured like a formal hypnotic induction.

Hypnosis and trance are naturally erotic, and most people engage in some form of erotic hypnosis without realizing it. But the people who do recognize it and take the time to explore the erotic nature of hypnosis discover many wonderful ways to enhance their sexual pleasures.

Hypnotic audio stories provide one of the best ways to begin. Audio stories that are told with hypnotic language patterns can induce a trance and enable the listener to visualize everything that is described. Many listeners are even able to feel the physical sensations of a kiss or caress as the story describes these things, enabling them to live out their most exotic sensual fantasies.

Hypnotic Dreams offers a variety of erotic hypnosis audio files for men and women.

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