Think I’m getting my voice back

I think I’m getting my voice back. At least the mid baritone range. I may never recover my tenor singing voice. But cross your fingers! I might finally be able to finally record again.

I wrote the script for Subconscious Triggers in 2015, but shelved it because my voice had gotten dry and raspy, and it had become painful to rehearse. Hopefully I’ll be able to record again soon. First up:

Subconscious Triggers

Subconscious Triggers is a fun, amnesia play script. Not as explicit as my previous recordings, but erotically suggestive.  In this script, I’m stage hypnotist. You (the female listener) volunteer for my stage show, where I plant some sexually suggestive hypnotic triggers, and trick your subconscious into hiding them from your conscious mind. I actually tried to incorporate a little humor in this script.

I’ve also written scripts for two sequels, Subconscious Secret and Subconscious Promise, where I’ll take advantage of both these triggers and your inability to recall them to sexually enslave the [female] listener.

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