Upcoming addiction, humiliation and exhibitionism fantasy

By | March 18, 2010

I completed the first draft of a script for Trance Junkie (working title), an addiction, humiliation, and exhibitionism fantasy. You’re first made addicted to being hypnotized, trained as a obedient slave, used sexually, then forced to beg to be kept hypnotized.

This script skims over the obedience training, focusing more on instilling the feeling of being addicted to hypnosis and reinforcing that addiction with a couple of humiliation scenes; one in front of another hypnotized slave, one in front of guests at a party.

I now have 6 completed scripts that need to be recorded. On the one hand, I feel kind of guilty about getting behind on the recording. (I know a couple people have been anxious for me to release Demon Seed.) But on the other hand, I haven’t written this much since my second semester in grad school. So I’m actually feeling pretty good about my productivity.