Expanded the Description for Held

By | October 8, 2017

Held Cover ArtI updated the description for Held today.

Someone on one of the discussion forums asked a question:

The description says that it should create a kind of breast-trigger, but the content of the file sounds more like focusing on the addiction to the hypnotist.

Does anyone have experience with that file and can comment on it?

It’s been a long time since I wrote the script and the description, and at least a few years since I’d listened to the MP3. So the question got me wondering. I reviewed the script, and found the description to be inadequate.

Turns out the questioner was right. The script does include suggestions for the listener to feel that his cock craves the hypnotist’s control. When he feels even the tiniest of swelling, it will remind him that his cock wants to feel her hypnotic control again, and of course, nothing but the domme’s hypnotic control can satisfy the cock’s need. (I included similar suggestions in Manipulations.)

I shouldn’t be surprised, the femdom story that inspired Held, Bianca, was about a hypodomme making a man addicted to her control. In this story, she used her gigantic breasts to covertly hypnotized him while sexually teasing him and making his cock hard. The she would distract him with his arousal while she covertly dissociated him from his cock. She made him feel that she had hypnotized his cock separately from his mind and that she could control his erection and his orgasms simply by her presence. She then took it further suggesting that he never masturbate, because only her control could satisfy his need. She even convinced him that any sensation in his cock was a reminder that he needed to see her again and feel the arousal she controlled.

Bianca was the first femdom story that I found truly arousing. So it has influenced a both my definition of cock control and a lot of my femdom writing.

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