The Witch in the Woods


Note: I adapted this story from the script for my hypnotic MP3, Sympathetic Magic.

The pages felt brittle. I feared they would crack if I turned them too quickly. But the woods whispered of my huntsman’s approach, and I wanted to review the spell one last time before he arrived. I would only get one chance to trap him. If I failed, I might never see him again.

I skipped past the chapters on the subconscious, hypnosis, and neurolinguistics. Ancient English was such a bizarre language. I barely understood half of the author’s words. But I understood the spell. With it, I could seduce a man into a state of mindless desire, making him eager to please me in the most intimate ways. And, according to this ancient tome, if I cast this spell on him three times, I could fix this desire in his mind forever.

I read the words carefully. Theses were simpler words, easier to understand. But the spell was long. Reciting it took nearly a quarterday. Yet, the recitation was only part of it. The spell would not be complete until I took his manhood within myself and infused it with the need to serve my desire.

I read carefully, confirming that I had memorized the words correctly. Then I stepped out of my cabin and listened. Every time I read this spell, even silently, I felt more in tune with the woods around me. They seemed more alive, even if still weak from the years of machines and industry. But I sensed an anticipation for better days to come; an anticipation that I could share now that I knew this spell.

The birds sang as they always did. Their volume ebbed and flowed, as they flew to different trees to stay out of the huntsman’s reach. He emerged from the tree line with his kills strung over his shoulder, half a dozen rabbits and weasels. Not enough pelts for a coat or a blanket, but food for a several days. He hailed as he approached. Friendly as always, but without desire. This spell would change that.

I waited until he came within a few feet of me. I opened the top of my dress to reveal my cleavage and the special pendant I had bought for this spell. The pendant was a crystal phallus that dangled from a silver chain and rested between my breasts. Only two inches long, but shaped exactly like a man’s stiffened cock. He stopped and his eyes widened in surprise.

I swept my hands between us, and recited a holding spell. “You are trapped my huntsman. I have cast a spell of holding and you cannot move. You can try, but this magic draws its strength from your movement and it will hold you still. The more you try to move the stronger it holds you. Imagine trying to move and feeling the magical bonds draw the strength from your arms and legs. Each time you try to move, you feel the magic hold you tighter and tighter. And as the magic becomes stronger, it makes you feel weaker and weaker. The harder you struggle, the tighter the magic wraps around you. Harder and harder you try, making the bonds tighter and tighter, until you exhaust all your strength.”

He chuckled, but his eyes remained fixed upon the little phallus dangling between my breasts. “What are you about, woman?”

“I am no longer just a woman. I am an Earth Witch. I have learned to feel the primal energies of the world, and I have used these energies to trap you here. The trap is powered by your thoughts, the more you think, the stronger the trap. You can free yourself only if you quiet your mind.”

That wasn’t true. There was no escape for my huntsman. According to the ancient book, the sight of the pendant dangling between my breasts would hold his attention while I cast my spell. He didn’t know that, of course, and he continued to laugh. But he continued to gaze at my cleavage.

So I began to recite the words. “Quiet your mind and hold it still. Quiet your thoughts, hold them still. I know it can be hard for men to quiet their mind, but I will help you. Just listen to my voice. Focus on my voice. Allow my words to go deep into your mind and become the images that relax and sooth you.

“Imagine your mind is the forest. Your thoughts are like animals, running around and making noise. All day long they run around, jumping and playing and wearing themselves out; until the end of the day when sun sets. Then one by one, your animals go to sleep. See them in your mind, each quieting down, lying still, then going to sleep until the forest is completely calm and quiet.

“The forest is so beautiful when it sleeps like this. I love it, and the magic is even more accessible. All I need do is whisper a word and you can see me standing before you in the sheerest of gowns. See me in my sheer white gown, my brown hair flowing over my shoulders. You can see the upper curves of my breasts shine in the moonlight.

“You see me reach for my pendant; this crystal phallus that rests between my breasts. So small, but shaped exactly like your cock when it gets hard. The resemblance is so uncanny that when you see me begin to stroke it, you naturally dream of me stroking your cock. Dream of me stroking you.

“I wave my other hand and your clothes dissolve; allowing you to feel the cool night air on your naked skin. You feel my hand reach for your cock and begin to fondle it.

“Then I begin whispering in the ancient magical language. And as I stroke you, my whispers become a chant; a hypnotically rhythmic chant that calls on the forest’s magic and channels it through my hands. You see the magic glowing about the pendant as I stroke it, and you feel its warmth enveloping your cock.

“With the rhythm of the chant, I continue stroking the pendant and your cock. Slowly, sensually, hypnotically, I chant and stroke. Stroke and chant. You see me stroking the pendant and feel me stroking your cock in perfect rhythm with the chant.

“You become hard for me, and enjoy the pleasure of my touch. Ten strokes. My magic strokes you bigger and harder. Twenty strokes, you feel the pleasure go deep inside, and grow as hard as you’ve ever been. Yet with each stroke you continue to grow bigger and harder for me. Thirty strokes and you begin to feel a desire in my touch. With your cock you can feel that I want something more from you. And like any aroused man, you feel happy to give me what I want.

“You’ve always wanted to give a woman everything she wants. You just didn’t realize it. But now that I’ve put your other thoughts to sleep. You can feel this desire growing stronger. The harder I make your cock, the more you want to give it to me. See me stroking my pendant, feel each stroke making you harder and increasing your desire to give me whatever I want.

“You continue to see my hand stroking my pendant and feel my stroking hand coax your essence from your cock. You feel a single drop of your essence rise up your cock, the essence of your dreams and desires rises up and out, and beads on the tip of your cock.

“I stop stroking and you feel me wipe your essence with the tip of my finger. Then I begin a new chant as I hold up the pendant and place your essence on the tip of it.

“See a flash as the pendant absorbs your essence, and know I have captured your essence and locked it within my pendant. You see me seal the spell by pressing my lips to the tip of the pendant and you feel my kiss on the tip of your cock. “Here in my hand,” I say, “is the essence of all you are, your mind, your body, your dreams and desires, your sex, your cock. It’s all mine to enjoy. You are all mine.

“Wherever you go, whatever you do, you will continue to feel my magic bewitching and enthralling you. Whenever I chant over this, you will hear me. You will quiet your thoughts. Put your thoughts to sleep, so you can listen to me. Listen only to me.

“Whenever I stroke this, you will feel it. You will feel each stroke, and each stroke will make you harder and harder, increasing your desire to give me what I want. No matter how near or how far, you will feel me stroking you. And with each stroke, you feel your cock growing harder and harder. Feel it growing with the desire to give me what I want.

“You feel this now, don’t you? Now that you have given me your cock, I want you to give me your trust. Trust in me and everything I tell you. When your cock gets hard, it takes over your being. You feel its desire filling every part of your mind and body. The harder it becomes, the stronger and more sensitive it becomes. The harder this cock becomes, the harder it is to resist its desire the harder it is to even think of resisting. When you feel this, you stop thinking. Your thoughts automatically go to sleep for me. Sleep deeply for me. Allow this cock’s desire to grow and fill your mind. Fill every fiber of your being with the desire to give me what I want; no matter what I may want.

“When you give me all that I want, I will reward you with ecstasy beyond any man’s dreams. But first you must be prepared to enjoy this.

“Watch as I wrap my lips around the pendant that is your cock. Watch as I begin sucking on it, and feel me sucking on your cock. See my lips move over the pendant and feel them on your cock. See my cheeks pucker as I suck and feel me sucking on your cock. With each stroke of my lips you Feel the suction growing stronger and stronger. Sucking harder and harder on you. Sucking on your cock, and sucking up all your energy.

“As you see my lips move over the pendant you feel my suction reach deep into the root of your cock and through your cock into your body. Feel me sucking all the strength from your legs up into your cock and feel your cock get harder and harder for me.

“Allow the strength to flow from your legs into your cock. Feel your legs getting weaker and weaker as your cock gets harder and harder. When I’ve drained all the strength from your legs, I suck it from your upper body. Feel me sucking all your strength from your chest, your shoulders and your arms. Feel it all flow into your cock, making it bigger and harder. Yes, you’re getting bigger and harder for me. Bigger and harder than you’ve ever been.

“The more I suck the pendant that holds the essence of your cock, the harder you get. The harder your cock gets, the more sensitive it becomes. The more sensitive it becomes, the more fully you feel me stroking and kissing you, and the deeper your ecstasy when you give me what I want.

“And as you continue to grow harder and more sensitive, you will notice how I am reshaping the energy in your cock. All the energy from your body, flowing into your cock is being reshaped into the desire to serve me. Feel your energy merging with this desire. Become this desire. Yes, I’m transforming all the energy in your cock into the hard desire to serve me. Feel your cock getting harder and harder as you watch my lips glide over the pendant that holds your essence.

“You can do nothing but watch me suck on the pendant that holds your essence, nothing but bask in the intense pleasure of my sensual lips, as I transform all your energy into the hard desire to please me. Too hard for you to resist, too hard for you to control. Your cock will give me everything I want, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

“The moonlight glides over my face as she passes overhead. She rises and sets. Yet you can do nothing but continue watching me suck on the pendant and feel your cock getting harder and harder. Your mind remains completely asleep as your cock gets harder and harder and the rest of you grows weaker. And as dawn approaches you realize that I have sucked all the energy from your mind, body and soul into your strong, hard cock. Bigger, harder and stronger than it’s ever been, and completely in my control.

“I take the pendant from my mouth and hold it before my lips as I begin chanting again. Your cock is so hard, so sensitive that you can feel my breath on the tip. I chant with a slow sensual rhythm and you become aware that your cock is throbbing to my rhythm. With each chant, you feel the throbbing becoming stronger and stronger until you feel it beating in your chest. Feel my chant and the throbbing of your cock absorb your heartbeat.

“It’s like your cock becomes your heart. And under my control, it pumps desire into every part of your body. Feel your heart beating with the rhythm of my chant. Feel the desire growing in every part of your body and every fiber of your being. Completely under my control, transforming every fiber of your being into the desire to please me. With every beat of your heart, you feel the desire consuming you. Become one with the desire and feel it pulsing and throbbing throughout your being.

“If you could move, you’d throw me on the ground and thrust yourself into me. But I hold you still. I hold your cock rigid, and I hold your thoughts asleep. I hold you completely in my thrall.

“You see me blow over the pendant and feel my warm sensual breath caress every part of your body. Then you see me kiss the tip of the pendant and you feel a jolt of pleasure in your cock. When I kiss it a second time, you feel the pleasure surge from your cock into every part of your body. When you see me kiss it a third time, you feel a surge of ecstasy consume every fiber of your being.

“The ecstasy of oneness. You are one with the joy of being in my thrall and the desire to please me. Ecstasy so intense it reaches your sleeping thoughts. And plant within your thoughts the seeds of your belief in my control. Believe you desire me above all others now and forever.”

The spell was complete. Dusk neared, and my huntsman’s gaze remained fixed on the pendant dangling between my breasts. His pupils had grown large. They betrayed both his desire and vulnerability. He wanted to experience the pleasure that the spell promised. He was mine.

The spell had aroused me as well, and I felt my desire for him growing stronger. I stepped in closer, and slid my hands up his chest and around his neck. He smelled of the forest, mud and musk. I lifted my lips up to his and kissed him passionately. My kiss freed his body to move, and he returned the kiss with passion.

He dropped his kills, wrapped his arms around my back, and pulled me tight. I felt his rigid cock straining to push through his pants and reach my womanhood. And I felt my pussy pulse and throb with the desire to possess him.

Without breaking the kiss, he lifted me off the ground. My legs wrapped around his hips as he carried me back into my home. The strength of his arms and the confidence of his stride, even while carrying me, excited me further. I lost myself in that kiss until he dropped me on my table. My ass fell right on the book which held the spellbinding words.

He stepped back, and tore off his coat. I grabbed his belt buckle and yanked it free. He tore open his pants and let them fall to his ankles. His cock stood strong, proud, and eager to serve. I reached for it, but before I could take its measure, my huntsman pushed my legs wide apart and thrust himself deep inside of me.

He grabbed my ass and thrust hard and deep. Every muscle of our bodies came alive with desire. He closed his eyes, and pumped himself into my body, into my control. I gave myself over to the pleasure of his thrusts and reveled in his abandon to my desire.

Much too soon, he came inside of me. His whole body stiffened as his cock pumped his hot cum into my body, into my control. I reveled in this wonderful sensation. I would not get pregnant. I could not. That was one of the reasons I lived alone in the woods. But I still had the needs of a woman. And I needed more.

He started to pull out, but I wrapped my legs around his waist, growing even more aroused as I prepared to show him how much control I now had over his body.

He smiled wistfully as his cock began to soften. “You may have bewitched me, woman. But that is all a man can do.”

I caressed his face. “My huntsman, I think you can do much more.” I lifted the crystal cock to my lips and kissed its tip. The phallus felt warm on my lips, warmer than it ever felt before. His pupils grew wide again as the spell connected my lips to the tip of his cock. I slid my lips over it and he stiffened inside of me, stroking me as he returned to his full power.

I sucked the little phallus into my mouth, and felt the movement of his cock as the spell drew the full length of him into my womanhood. I slid the crystal in and out of my mouth and reveled in feeling his body follow my movements. I held him in this rhythm until the sun set and he could no longer see my lips.

But I no longer needed him to see. He was locked in my rhythm, locked in my control. The ancient book had said that if I cast this spell on a man three times, he would become mine forever, happy to please me anytime I wished. I planned to see if that was true. But not tonight. Tonight I only wanted to revel in the pleasure of controlling my huntsman’s cock.

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