Women Can Enjoy Erotic Hypnosis Too

Hypnotically Seduced - Experience a hypnotic seduction and a light bondage scene

If you google the phrase “erotic hypnosis”, you can easily find dozens of sites for femdom erotic hypnosis for men, but only one or two sites selling recordings for women. Perhaps because men aggressively seek porn more than women do, there are more web sites and products that cater to men’s fantasies. But women can enjoy erotic hypnosis too; especially if it’s written specifically for them.

Back when I first aspired to be a novelist, I read The Joy of Writing Sex by Elizabeth Benedict. The book excerpted sex scenes from several novels and short stories, and showed how the writer could use each character’s personality to develop a unique sexual scene. One character was a musician, so the sex was described in musical terms, i.e., rhythm, tempo, harmony. Another character was an immigrant so the scene was described with contrasting references to her original home. But the broader lesson of the book was to write about sex “in context”.

Writers like Erica Jong and film producers like Candida Royalle have shown that women love stories that portray eroticism in the context of a relationship or as an expression of the desire for intimacy. Porn (produced for guys) is sex divorced from any emotion except lust. But erotica (produced for women) is emotion that expresses itself sexually. So when I started writing erotic hypnosis for women, I took Benedict’s advice and wrote hypnotic audio stories; And I wrote them specifically to integrate the emotional and physical aspects of the sexual activity.

Take for example, my recording, A Tango in Subspace. The hypnotic suggestions in this recording are designed to help a woman become more comfortable with the desire to be submissive. But unlike the femdom recordings that I’ve listened to, I don’t tell the listener “You are submissive, you will obey”. I tell a story. I tell the listener about a woman who is on a journey of self discovery; a character with whom she can empathize, and with whom she’ll enjoy discovering what it feels like to explore sexual submission.

Within the story, the character is hypnotized and instructed to visualize herself discovering the joy of being submissive. Like with a written story, if the listener likes the character, she’ll want to share the character’s feelings of desire and discovery. And to do this, the listener will open herself the suggestions that the character accepts. If the listener can see herself as the character, even better. Because then she will visualize herself accepting the hypnotic suggestions.

The overall effect often surprises listeners. Even women who love reading erotica are surprised to discover that they enjoy erotic hypnosis. Callie Byrne, who reviewed Introducing Erotic Hypnosis for Oysters & Chocolate, wrote:

“…listening to the story was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.”

Nat Ion at The Erotic Woman wrote,

“It took me to a previously unexplored place within my own sexual self; one which provided some unexpected thrills and distinctive feelings.”

Neither woman had previously considered hypnosis as erotic, but they both deeply enjoyed the experience of listening to a hypnotic erotic audio story.

Erotic hypnosis doesn’t have to be about femdom and it doesn’t have to be just for submissive men. Women can explore a variety of sexual fantasies, including forced arousal, enhanced sensual awareness, paranormal romance, personality transformation, your first encounter with another women, or simply learning to relax so you can orgasm more easily.

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