Writing a Contemporary Fantasy

So while I’m waiting to hear from my beta readers and potential publishers about the nonfiction book, Exploring Erotic Hypnosis, I’ve started writing another novel.

Grayson (working title) is an contemporary fantasy about wolf who discovers he used to be human, and that he unintentionally abandoned a wife and child when he changed. Now he must reconnect with his grown daughter, find his missing wife, and rescue his brother-in-law (a werebear and an expert on myths and legends) from an unknown kidnapper, all while trying to figure out how he became a wolf in the first place.

Writing is going well so far, so I’ve decided to rejoin the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Workshop. But I won’t be using the same pen name “Angraecus Daniels”. I  used this name  for my erotica and hypnosis related writing, and I actually got some negative feedback on it. Too hard to spell, etc. So I’m just going with Daniel A. for now.

Unfortunately for you guys, there won’t be any hypnotism or mind control in this book. But if you’re into sci fi, and a member of the workshop, please check it out.

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