Erotic Hypnosis can Increase women's Sexual Desires

women as explained by engineers

When I was in college, a classmate distributed this image to all the engineering students. We laughed not because women are really more complex than men. But because the image illustrated the nearly universal frustration with trying to understand female sexuality.

Throughout history, men have searched the world for the best, most powerful aphrodisiac, that special potion or seduction technique that could make a woman eager for sex. But they've been looking in the wrong places. Because the key to increasing a woman's sexual desires isn't in some herb. It is in her mind, in the way she thinks about sex and anticipates sexual pleasures.

Male and female sexuality are both built on a combination of biological and psychological components. But psychological components exercise much greater restraint on women. We're all born with a natural desire for pleasure. Freud described this phenomenon as the Pleasure Principle, and the process of suppressing this desire as the Reality Principle. We grow up, discover the necessities of living, and realize that there is more to life than pleasure. Working, paying the bills, seeing to our health and safety, taking care of the family, etc.; all these concerns make a woman suppress her libido and inhibit her enjoyment of sex.

According to a study published in the Archives of International Medicine1, somewhere between 26% and 52% of women in the USA suffer from low sexual desire or inadequate sexual pleasure. Even assuming the more conservative number means that millions of women aren't enjoying the full benefits of sex. And recent studies have shown that sex provides many more benefits than previously believed, including improved self esteem, lower blood pressure, reduced depression, a stronger immune system and pain relief.2

But the answer isn't a "viagra for women". No, the best way to increase the female libido is to reorient the mind to look forward to sex, reduce sexual inhibitions, and enjoy the anticipation of sexual pleasures. No drug or herbal remedy can change the way a woman thinks about sex; but hypnosis can. That's why I developed my recording, The Pleasure Principle, a sophisticated hypnotic program designed to change the way a woman thinks about sex and its pleasures. The Pleasure Principle utilizes a combination of storytelling, age regression, NLP, and positive affirmations to release sexual desire, reframe it as part of living life to it's fullest, and generate excited anticipation of all it's pleasures.

Check out The Pleasure Principle, and see for yourself how hypnosis can help you increase your sexual desires and enhance your life.

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