Erotic Hypnosis Glossary

Lifestyle of remaining a slave 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
Craving a person, habit or practice to such an extent that its absence can cause physical or emotional pain. Many submissives become addicted to being hypnotized. In erotic mind control literature, female slaves have been made addicted to many different things, including a sucking cock, fucking, swallowing cum or being hypnotized.
Age Regression
Taking a subject back to a mentally younger age. Hypnotists use this technique to increase receptiveness to suggestion. The technique can also be used to recover lost memories to help a subject reinterpret a negative memory in a more positive way. In personality and gender transformation fantasies (two sub genres of erotic hypnosis), age regression is used to plant false memories of being the other person at a younger age. This makes both the conscious and subconscious minds more receptive to the transformation suggestions.
The inability to recall certain memories. Some amnesia occurs naturally with hypnosis because memories created in one state of mind become accessible only when a person returns to that state of mind. Amnesia can also be induced by a specific command to forget. Many people with a hypnosis or mind control fetish can be sexually aroused knowing that part of their memories are blocked by hypnotic command. Sometimes a hypnotist will block a memory of a command until after the command has been obeyed. Then the subject can become sexually aroused by the realization that they have obeyed a post-hypnotic command.
Autonomous sensory meridian response; a physical sensation triggered by whispered commands in a secondary audio track. The whispered commands are expected to act like subliminal commands on the body’s nervous system. And like subliminal commands, results vary extensively.
Bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism. It is sometimes considered to be a compound abbr where the “DS” also stands for dominance and submission. Many erotic hypnosis fantasies and mp3s contain strong D/s elements. For more details, see Wikipedia.
Bimbo, Bimbofication
A simple minded girl; one who devotes most of her energy to looking good and attracting men’s attention. Bimbos are usually cheerful because they never think about serious problems. In erotic mind control fiction, bimbos are usually insatiably horny; as if their whole purpose in life is to enjoy sex. Bimbofication is the process of transforming an intelligent woman or frumpy girl into a hot sex-starved bimbo.
Binaural Beats
Binaural beats are an auditory illusion created by presenting one frequency in one ear and slightly different frequency in the other ear. Some people claim that binaural beats can force listener’s brainwaves into predetermined rhythm, facilitating trance or generating a specific mood. There is no real evidence that this works, and many listeners state that the illusion causes headaches or dizziness. I refuse to use them in my hypnosis recordings.
Brainwashing is usually defined as an intensive, forcible indoctrination, usually political or religious, aimed at destroying a person’s basic convictions and attitudes and replacing them with an alternative set of fixed beliefs. However, brainwashing can be more subtle. In male dominate mind control stories, most brainwashing programs force women to focus on wanting more sex. But in femdom mind control stories, the brainwashed victim is often forced to believe in devotion and obedience.
Abstaining or being forced to abstain from sexual activities. Hypnotically forced chastity takes away a person’s choice of having sex, hence making them dependent on the hypnotist for sexual pleasure. In erotic mind control stories, female hypnotists frequently impose chastity on males to humiliate and enslave them, but male hypnotists rarely impose it on women.
Classical Hypnosis
A category of trance inducing methods that use guided visualization, eye fixation and/or progressive relaxation.
Conditioned response
An involuntary response programmed into the subconscious by repeated hypnotic commands and reinforced by positive (pleasure) or negative (pain) feedback. For example: Becoming aroused on command.
The process of modifying behavior or creating a conditioned response. Conditioning naturally occurs with any repetitive activity, i.e., when someone runs a mile every day, they condition their body to run more effectively. Conditioning can also be part of a brainwashing program. Pavlovian conditioning involves training someone to respond to stimulus (training a woman to become sexually aroused on command). Operant conditioning conditions a person (or pet) to expect a reward or punishment for behaving in certain ways.
Consensual Non-Consent
When hypnotist and subject agree to enact a scene with non-consensual sexual activity, such as forced arousal. For a more detailed answer, read Consensual Non-Consent in Hypnotic Domination.
Dominance and submission. A form of erotic power exchange where one person willingly surrenders control to another during sexual encounters or erotic play. D/s may or may not include bondage.
Erickson or Ericksonian Hypnosis
A category of methods for inducing trance by using unconventional language patterns that confuse or bypass the conscious mind and create mental images directly in the subconscious. Named for Milton Erickson, who pioneered the therapeutic use of storytelling and metaphors.
Erotic Power Exchange
Consensually giving another person power over you so that they may increase your sexual desires and pleasures.
Any man or woman who displays their body to attract attention and derives sexual pleasure from being watched. Exhibitionist fantasies can be classified into two categories: with humiliation and without it. Exhibitionist fantasies with humiliation tend to be passive fantasies, i.e., the woman is publicly used by one or more men. Exhibitionist fantasies without humiliation tend to have the woman actively participating and enjoying sexual activities, such as dancing, stripping, or making love to another woman while a man watches.
A mental image of a scene or activity you would like to experience; often includes the thoughts and emotions you expect to experience with the activity.
Giving pleasure to a cock with the lips and tongue, a.k.a. a blow job, giving head, sucking cock, the ultimate kiss, tickle his pickle, etc.
Relationships and/or activities which are controlled by a female. The person(s) being controlled may be either male or female.
Making someone think, act, or appear more feminine. Most often this refers to a making a man look or behave more feminine. But bimbofication is also a form of feminization, which may be applied to women. Taking a cold-hearted business woman, and making her into a warm, loving woman may also be considered feminization.
Any object or a non-sexual part of the body, that arouses instant and intense sexual desire. With repeated conditioning, the fetish object becomes necessary for sexual pleasure. A person with a hypnosis fetish may become sexually aroused by being hypnotized, by hypnotizing others, by becoming aware that they have responded to a hypnotic command, or by seeing other people respond to hypnotic commands.
Financial domination. Some dommes take full control of a submissives’ bank accounts. Others demand monetary tribute or gifts. Hypnodommes often combine financial domination with chastity; conditioning their subs to believe they need to send the domme money in order to get permission to orgasm.
A process of taking a subject into trance and waking them several times in rapid succession. Each time the hypnotists wakes the subject, they only come partly out of the trance. Hence the name, “fractionation”. Each time the hypnotist triggers the subject back into trance, they go deeper. The method can help a subject reach a deeper trance in a short time.
Gor, Gorean
A particularly strict style of BDSM based on John Norman’s Gor series.
Animated Japanese porn that often portrays women being hypnotized and transformed into mindless sluts or devoted sexual slaves.
Hands-free Orgasm. An orgasm induced by hypnotic suggestion alone, without masturbating or any other physical stimulation. This seems to be easier for women to experience than for men, but it is possible for men. Of course, the deeper the trance and the more vividly the subject can imagine the hypnotic suggestion, the easier it is to achieve an HFO.
A dominant woman who uses hypnosis as a primary method of training her submissives.
Hypno sex
Sexual activity or pleasure experienced entirely through trance and hypnotic suggestion without physical contact.
Hypnosis, Hypnotism
Any method or technique by which a Dom can guide a subject into a trance. See Classical and Ericksonian Hypnosis.
The sexual fetish for hypnosis and similar forms of mental persuasion or mind control.
A special type of slave who devotes every fiber of her being to being the most obedient and pleasing slave she can be. John Norman introduced the concept of kajira in the Gor Series. Kajira experience intense and overwhelming passions.

Norman’s kajira inspired my recording, Essence of a Slave.

Libido, Sex Drive
A measure of a person’s basic level of interest in sex. Hypnosis can increase a person’s libido in healthy ways or to the point of obsession. Hypnosis can also lock a person’s desires so they will only be interested in sex when given a hypnotic command (mental chastity). Since arousal is a natural trance, hypnosis can help increase your sex drive.
My recording, The Pleasure Principle, is designed to generate a healthy increase in a woman’s libido.
Nested Stories
An NLP technique of telling a story within a story. Nested stories can induce a trance as the listener’s conscious mind tries to hold a mental image of the listener’s position within each story. This ties up the mind’s resources, prevents critical thought, and allows suggestions to enter the subconscious without interference. I use this technique in many of my MP3s.
Neuro-linguistic programming. A collection of methods for constructing words and sentences to bypass conscious filters and influence subconscious thought and associations. As of this writing, Wikipedia says that NLP has been discredited as a science. But NLP was always more of an art than a science. And I’ve found the re-framing techniques to work well for submission training MP3s and my Sexual Enhancements.
Petplay is a D/s activity where the dominant trains their submissive to act like a pet, usually a kitten or puppy. With hypnosis, the submissive can actually be trained to feel, think and act like a pet.

For a more detailed explanation, read Petplay: Training with Hypnosis and Meditation.

The practice of openly maintaining loving relationships with more than one person. Polyamory is distinguished from cheating by honesty; all the people involved are fully aware of the each others’ participation in the relationship. In erotic mind control fiction, polyamory may take on different forms: 1. a person may maintain simultaneous relationships with their spouse and Master or Mistress. 2. A person (usually a woman) is hypnotized into accepting that she is part of a harem and all women love the master. 3. A woman may be hypnotized to become bisexual and love both men and women. For more information on polyamory, visit or
Post-Hypnotic Suggestion
A suggestion given during trance that the subject will follow sometime after waking. Often a subject will have no memory of the suggestion until after they’ve carried out the instruction. Hypnotists often suggest that once the instruction is obeyed, the subject will recognize it as a post-hypnotic command and become sexually aroused by the reminder of the hypnotist’s control.
Relyfe Programming
Relyfe is a sleezy marketing scheme. The author took a few standard NLP techniques, slapped a new label on them.
Arousing sexual desire, or subtly persuading someone to believe what you want them to believe. Seduction, in many ways, is like a hypnotic induction. The seducer develops an emotional or sexual connection with their intended lover and persuades them to feel the desire that they want them to feel.
True seduction is rare in erotic mind control stories and MP3s, because many authors think that hypnotizing the subject is sufficient to get them aroused. However, it can be very erotic to be seduced into a trance.
In erotic mind control literature, there are several types of slaves: 1) A person who enjoys belonging to or being totally controlled by another. 2) A person who devotes every fiber of their being to serving or pleasing someone. 3) A person conditioned to obey without question or hesitation. 4) A person who is addicted to another person. In erotic mind control stories, slaves often serve as maids or butlers and help the Master recruit other slaves.
A female who engages in sex with anyone. In erotic mind control literature, many sluts are owned and will have sex only at owner’s command.
Someone being hypnotized.
Subliminal messages
Beneath the range of conscious perception but still perceptible to the subconscious mind. In reality, much controversy exists over how effective subliminal messages are. This is because the range of conscious and subconscious perception varies depending on circumstances, the environment and people’s focus. In erotic mind control stories, subliminal messages provide an effective way to influence a person’s ideas, yet let them think that the induced ideas are their own.
The act of submitting to the power of another.
A person who enjoys being controlled by someone else under some, but not all, circumstances. A submissive, for example, might enjoy being controlled in sexual situations, but prefer to make their own decisions about their diet, exercise, education and career.
The state of mind that submissives enter during D/s scenes. Subspace can be easily induced and conditioned using hypnosis. And many people consider subspace to be a form a trance. However, outside the erotic hypnosis community, subspace is generally induced by conditioning rather than a formal hypnotic induction.
Time Distortion
Creating the subjective experience of several days, months or years within a few minutes of real time. This technique amplifies suggestions of being trained or conditioned.
A natural altered state of consciousness, characterized by heightened suggestibility and receptivity to direction. A state of mind in which a person is receptive to seduction, and may experience increased sexual desire and intense erotic pleasure. A state of mind in which a person may become more submissive and obedient.
An object, word, phrase, or action that compels a response. In the suggestion, “When say your name, you feel your clit tingling”, saying the name is the trigger. Some hypnotists are very careful to use triggers only they can use. This gives the hypnotist considerable control over the subject’s responses. Other triggers are designed to be used by anyone anytime. This creates a generalized response; such as having a woman become aroused whenever anyone calls her a slut.