Hypnotically Seduced

You’re invited to party where you meet a seductive stranger. This stranger tells you an erotic story so sensual and compelling that draws you into trance.  Soon you’re following him down to his secret chamber.  In a trance, you undress and allow him to tie you to a fur covered table. He begins teasing your skin with a fur covered glove; awakening your sense of touch while seducing you deeper into a trance. He continues teasing your skin, increasing your desire and pleasure until you surrender every fiber of your being to his hypnotic, erotic control.

“I had an amazing hypnotic experience after which I woke up feeling so…well…satisfied.”


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32 minutes

1 review for Hypnotically Seduced

  1. Zuki

    Daniel is wonderful with the details, good flow, normally I wouldn’t like the repitition but it does so much for the sessions… i do like the story lines themselves although, and even though i guess i shouldn’t have been, I was a bit caught off guard by the sheer intimacy of it.
    i have NEVER had a similar experience. i could almost see and feel everything that was said… I liked it… but it was more of an abstract feeling… i don’t even know if that makes any sense…. my mind automatically focused on the body part that was mention be it and arm or a leg, and in my mind’s eye, i could almost see everything but it was like through a fog… and i could feel something… like an almost…. I was wonderfully aroused…
    i visualised my tension as a fog as it left my lungs and my pleasure as like tendril… thin but quick and wrapping around the inside of my body… around my lungs, my spine…
    I admit, i was perfectly, and happily suprised.

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