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It can be exciting to feel yourself respond to hypnotic commands. Especially commands you know will lead to sexual arousal and pleasure. It’s even more exciting when you find yourself responding to commands and triggers planted so deep in your subconscious, you have consciously forgotten them.

This MP3 plants several hypnotic triggers in your subconscious and directs your subconscious to hide them from your conscious mind. When you wake, you’ll know these triggers are in your subconscious, but you’ll be unable to consciously recall them.

Once the triggers are firmly embedded in your subconscious I have you join me for my stage show, where have some fun demonstrating them to the audience. After each trigger is activated — either by me or a member of the audience — I take you back into trance and hide the trigger a little deeper.

Each trigger is progressively more sexually suggestive, turning you on just enough to make it fun and maybe just a little bit embarrassing. The verbal triggers are tied to my voice, so only I can use them. But just like a real stage show, there might be a few residual effects.

It’s silly, sexy fun. And completely harmless — or is it?

The Subconscious Series listening order:

  1. Subconscious Triggers
  2. Subconscious Promise (written, not yet recorded )


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2 reviews for Subconscious Triggers

  1. Anonymous

    This induction is unique to what he has done in the past. Lyrical, fun, arousing. I hope this starts a new round of creativity.

  2. Anonymous

    I only wish there were more triggers…. And that it was a little longer. His voice is great with getting one to drop deeper and deeper. This is my second audio I’ve purchased from him.

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