Subconscious Secret

Subconscious 2

That was fun, letting your subconscious obey my sexy hypnotic triggers. You know, it is still obeying me, hiding my triggers so you cannot consciously recall them.  But your subconscious could be hiding even more than you know.

You remember volunteering for my stage show. You loved feeling yourself respond to my hypnotic triggers, loved how hot and aroused I made you feel. You loved it so much that after the show, you followed me back to my dressing room and asked me to take it further, much further.

But do you remember what happened after the show?

Your subconscious knows, but it’s hiding this knowledge from your conscious mind — creating a mystery you can only solve with my help. To discover this secret, you must go deep inside. You must, in fact, go into the deepest possible trance.  Listen carefully and follow my instructions precisely.

Warning: This is an actual brainwashing file, and I’m abandoning my normal ethical and safety limits. From this point forward, the Subconscious series contains extensive gaslighting, covert suggestions that enslave you to me on a deep subconscious level, and posthypnotic amnesia. (Wait, didn’t I start that with the first file? Oops. My bad.) Once you listen, there is no escaping my hypnotic control.

The Subconscious Series listening order:

  1. Subconscious Secret
  2. Subconscious Promise (written, not yet recorded )

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Sexual Explicitness

Post-hypnotic Suggestions

You can only yourself when in my hypnotic control


Yes, but it's a secret.




37 minutes