The Ultimate Kiss

Ladies, make fellatio your pleasure. Learn how oral sex can help you feel more sexually connected with your man and provide a deeply satisfying pleasure for both of you.

In this Mp3, I guide you into a trance and show you how to tune into the intense sensuality of your lips. You discover how a kiss can be more than just an expression of love. It  enables you to connect with your lover’s sexuality, taste his desire, and share each other’s passion.

This emotional connection enhances your physical pleasure, and you discover that you want more. You want to taste his desire directly from the root of his sexuality. Kissing your way down your lover’s body, you express your love for his sexuality while deepening the connection between your sexuality and his. Applying your lips directly to his sex, you immerse yourself in this connection. You feel his body responding to your desire. And you delight in the way his response reflects your passion.

Sophisticated NLP language patterns draws you into this trance and helps you visualize yourself enjoying fellatio. You see yourself with your lover; learning to read his responses with your lips and tease him to greater heights of passion. Post-hypnotic suggestions will increase your enthusiasm for fellatio. And positive affirmations will help you feel confident in your ability to enjoy it with your real-life lover.

“I became totally enthralled with the story. The sexy, rhythmic voice adds a dimension to the story that can never be achieved with simply reading a book … Each sensation described in the story was mirrored on me. Wonderful.”

"O" Award NomineeNominated for the 3rd Annual (2011) ‘O’ Awards for Outstanding Innovation in the Pleasure Products Industry.


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Sexual Explicitness



Post-hypnotic Suggestions

Fellatio helps you sexually connect with your lover., Giving fellatio gives you both physical pleasure and emotional satifaction., Your lips are very sensitive.




28 minutes


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