Pleasure Drone

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Erotic kidnapping and brainwashing fantasy

You’re walking to your car when someone comes up behinds you and chloroforms you. You wake in a cage alongside several others. You watch helplessly as the men force each woman into a chair and subjects them to the hypnotic machine that strips away their will and turns them into mindlessly obedient puppets. Then the men force you into the chair. You struggle but find yourself succumbing. Soon you too have no thoughts, no desires, no will of your own.

I transport you to my tropical island paradise and subject you to more advanced brainwashing. Here you are conditioned to keep your mind empty so that you can bask in the physical sensations of your body and to desire only one thing: the pleasure of giving pleasure.

You bask in mindless, blissful serenity until a man chooses you and another girl for his pleasure. Once in his suite, you begin to attune your sexuality to his. You caress his chest and shoulders while the other girl dances for him, exciting his desire.

With each kiss and caress, you become more attuned to his desires until they become yours. You feel what he feels, you want what he wants. You please him eagerly, intuiting his desires from his touch. And savor the pleasure of becoming his pleasure. You serve him with your mouth and your pussy drawing his excitement and pleasure deeper and deeper into you until it fills you with ecstasy.

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Audio, MP3


Sexual Explicitness



Post-hypnotic Suggestions

Become more in tune with your body., Enjoy giving pleasure.




26 minutes

1 review for Pleasure Drone

  1. Anonymous

    I actually like this one over the trigger one!

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