Building the Perfect Fetish

Imagine a Bronze-Age world where raiders kidnap women, hypnotize them, and train them to be devoted pleasure slaves. This MP3 invites you to see yourself in this world. Embedded in the narrative is a subtle hypnotic induction that regresses you to a young age, where you find yourself being taken to a slave training camp with other girls.

Too young to be trained, you sneak around watching the other girls repeatedly hypnotized to become more sensual, eager to please and very, very happy. You grow up surrounded by Masters and hypnotized women,  longing for the day you can experience the joys of being hypnotized, aroused and fucked.

You grow to a young woman, and your training begins. You finally get to experience the joys of being hypnotized and touched by a man. And you eagerly accept the suggestions that merge the desire to be hypnotized with the desire for sex. You wake with a deep-seated hypnosis fetish.

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Sexual Explicitness


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Post-hypnotic Suggestions

Hypnosis and trance are natural elements of sexual arousal and essential for sexual satisfaction.




31 minutes

2 reviews for Building the Perfect Fetish

  1. nipples2pull

    Though a word to the wise you will really enjoy being hypnotized after a few sessions of this.  Daniel has such a great voice for hypnotism. My Master and i are really happy with the superior quality and energy that is put into the recording.

    Keep up the good work Daniel!

  2. Tammy

    The hypnosis in this file is subtle and takes you by surprise. He does not do the usual “feel the relaxation building up from your toes” or the “watch the swinging watch” stuff. He tells you a story and that story catches you up and draws you in. There aren’t any programmed triggers, but you do feel a desire to keep on listening. The overall effect is fantastic. Anytime anyone uses hypnosis to play with me, my sexual arousal is far greater and so much more enjoyable. This file is extremely effective, addictive and, in my own opinion, essential to anyone interested in erotic hypnosis.

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