Obedient Desire

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Hypnotic obedience training for submissive women. This erotic audio conditions the desire to obey into your subconscious sexual identity.

After watching an erotic hypnosis stage show, you ask why being made to obey seems so erotic. So I hypnotize you and take you back to a time. You remember being a young girl enjoying obedience games. And you love the attention boys give you so much, you decide to devote yourself to your obedience training. As your teacher, I begin to coach you, enhancing your obedience training with hypnosis. Training day after day, year after year, you condition automatic obedience.

You grow into a teenager and discover your sexuality awakening. You discover obeying makes you attractive to boys. When you’re old enough, I make your obedience training more explicitly sexual, conditioning you to become aroused when you obey and eager to obey sexual commands.

Repeated listening instills a desire to obey within a safe, sane and consensual D/s relationship. (For your safety, this MP3 suggests you choose only one person (besides me) to obey.)


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Post-hypnotic Suggestions

Be safe., Choose just one person to obey and always obey them., You need to obey, obedience arouses you, total obedience fulfills you.




32 minutes

2 reviews for Obedient Desire

  1. Tammy

    How can I possibly say enough good things about this file? This recording not only instills obedience, but makes you want to be given orders, just for the pleasure of obeying them. And the pleasure is beyond wonderful. He gives you the instructions to choose one man, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll be obeying anyone who comes along. This file is highly effective, but it is not done in a in-your-face, take-over-your-life kind of way that I’ve seen in other files. It’s much more subtle and that is where it’s effectiveness is.

  2. little efftee

    Wow! If you are looking to enhance your bedroom play, this is a wonderful tool. I have listened to the track several times in the last couple days and the hesitation I have always felt in the bedroom is gone and replaced by eagerness and a willingness to place my husbands needs first and I’m doing so, finding immense satisfaction in the process. Thank you! Will purchase more tracks.

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