In the Pink

Get in touch with your natural feminine sexuality. Visit this virtual femininity spa where, through hypnosis, you learn to free yourself of unnecessary thoughts, nurture your femininity, and revel in your feminine sexuality.

At the spa, you’ll be lightly hypnotized to help you focus on your inner femininity. Then you will enjoy a makeover that includes visits to the salon and the clothing stores. Finally you’ll show off your new self at a party where you discover how much you love to see men respond to your feminine sexuality.

Note: Within the fantasy, a pink bracelet is used to trigger the happy, carefree, feminine state of mind. And a pair of pink panties are used to trigger feelings of being sexy and horny. To make these triggers real and effective afterwards, purchase an actual pink bracelet and wear it while listening.

For a little more information on my approach to feminization, read How to Benefit from Feminization Hypnosis.

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Sexual Explicitness



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Post-hypnotic Suggestions

Clearing your mind makes you happy., Enjoy adorning yourself with clothes that show off your sexuality., Enjoy being a sensual woman., Nurture your feminine sexuality.


Yes, controlled by the listener


28 minutes


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