A Tango in Subspace

A paranormal, erotic hypnosis fantasy for novice submissives, women considering sexual submission, and women who enjoy more romantic D/s fantasies.

In this MP3, you’re a young lady just discovering stories of dominance and submission. You’re intrigued, but uncertain if you should pursue it. You share your curiosity and doubt with a friend and mentor (me). We tell you that your true desires lie beneath your conscious thoughts. To discover them, you must journey into the collective subconscious (subspace) of human sexual desires.

I have you undress and immerse yourself in a sensory deprivation chamber. Then I guide you into a trance, and down into subspace. You see all of mankind’s desires manifest as ghostly silhouettes engaged in every conceivable sexual act. And as you watch, you discover one couple dancing the Tango.

The dance embodies of romantic and passionate spirit of dominance and submission. He leads, she follows. His passion moves her body, draws her into him, and makes her a part of him. It’s beautiful and sensual, and it’s inspiring to watch.

Soon you find yourself dancing with a dominate male spirit. Embraced in the dance, you feel his passion moving your body and exciting your spirit. You delight in the intimacy of this dance; in the intimacy of this submission.

This creates another kind of subspace, the receptive frame of mind that enables you to embrace a man’s desires as your own. He guides you to a bed, where you delight in becoming even more receptive. And you discover that fulfilling his sexual desires fulfills you as well.

You wake understanding your desire to submit, and confident in the knowledge that submission can lead to greater intimacy and fulfillment.

” … powerful and very enjoyable. The picture the dream-master paints of the strong and sexy dominant male to my submissive female is incredibly alluring.”


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Audio, MP3


Sexual Explicitness


Post-hypnotic Suggestions

Submission is Natural, Submission leads to deeper intimacy.




23 minutes


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