The Three Point Orgasm

The Three-Point Orgasm - A short sexual story

I snapped my fingers and woke the ladies from their trance. “Let’s give our volunteers a big hand.” I clapped for them, and the audience joined me in applauding the girls. Leslie and Sara erupted into embarrassed laughter, and buried their faces in her hands. Carly, however, jumped up and took a bow, showing off her deep cleavage. The audience, especially the men, applauded even more loudly.

Carly gave me warm hug, whispering, “Come to our table.” The warmth of her breasts lingered while she helped the other girls off the stage and reminded me how much fun she could be after a show.

“That’s it for tonight folks. Thank you so much. You’ve been a wonderful audience.” I took a quick bow, switched off the mic, and walked off the side of the stage.

“Great show tonight, August,” The club manager, said as I handed him the mic. “I wish you would perform here more often.”

“Thanks, Pete, but like I said before, I need to spend some time on other projects.”

“Of course. The party at table five would like to buy you a drink.” He nodded toward the middle of the dining area. That was Carly’s table, of course. She and her friend, Sara, were rejoining her friends. Carly waved me over, and I waved back.

“Tell them I’ll join them after I walk the room.” I removed the mic’s battery pack from my belt and handed them over as well.

Even in a small venue like this, the stage lights made me sweat. So first I used the men’s room to freshen up and change my shirt. Then I walked the room, thanking the audience, making smalltalk, and checking to make sure none of them had accidentally gone into a trance during the show. Ironically, the smaller the audience the more likely it is that an audience member will be accidentally hypnotized. I found two people who were in mildly suggestible states and covertly brought them out of it.

Finally I reached Carly’s table and settled into the chair next to her. She introduced me to Sara’s husband, Doug, and Tamara and her fiancé. “Wonderful show tonight,” Doug said. “We had no idea Carly was such an exhibitionist.”

“No?” I gave her a questioning look. “She’s always been a great subject for me — and, I hear, for a few other hypnotists.”

“What can I say?” She wrapped her hands around my arm and pressed her breast into it. “You unleash my inner party girl.”

I wondered if she knew she was still responding to a post-hypnotic suggestion I’d given her a couple of years ago. The second time she had volunteered for one of my shows, she had flirted with me shamelessly. So we hooked up. Back at my hotel room, I hypnotized her again, and suggested that me touching her breasts would both arouse her and fill her with euphoric happiness. Ever since that night, she took every opportunity to rub against me. Not that I ever complained.

“So,” Tamara asked, “Will you be performing here again?”

“No, not for a while. This was my last performance for the year. I’m taking the winter off to finish writing a book and to produce a couple of CDs.”


“Reduce stress, stop smoking, breast enlargement. Basic stuff.”

“Breast enlargement? The men’s gazes darted towards Carly’s cleavage, then up to her eyes and back to me.

“Of course.” She said. You didn’t think I was born with this rack. Did you?”

“We thought you had implants.” Tamara said.

“Nope. All natural. Grew them myself, ” She arched her back, making her breasts stand out even further. “With a little help from Auggie here. He made a custom breast enlargement CD for me years ago. I still listen to it once a week. Helps keeps the girls firm.”

“You’re pulling our legs,” Doug said. You can’t enlarge a woman’s breasts with hypnosis.”

“Actually,” I said, “Carly did all the work. I just guided her through the process.”

“No. I’m saying it can’t be done.”

I sighed. “You have a smart phone?” He did. I gestured for it, and he handed it over. I navigated to my web site, and from there to the article in the Journal of Sex Research. I handed his phone back to him, and his eyes got wide. He gave his wife a hopeful look.

“Behave yourself, buster,” she said. But she took the phone and started reading the article. He hunched over her shoulder and read with her.

While they were distracted with the article, I turned to Carly and whispered, “You seeing anyone special these days?”

“Nope, I’m all yours tonight.”

“Good. Let’s go for a three-point orgasm.” Her pupils dilated as her subconscious responded to the hypnotic trigger.

That custom breast enlargement CD I made for her included this special trigger, whenever I said the phrase “three points” she would image a special nerve fiber connecting her nipples to her clit. For the rest of this night, anything she felt with her nipples she would also feel with her clit. And the more I played with those nipples, or the more she rubbed them against me, the more sensitive they’d become, until she felt like she had three clits. Three points, three clits, three times the pleasure. She breathed deep, pressing her breast into my arm, and I felt her breast flush with excitement.

I snapped my finger in front of her eyes. She woke with a start, but she knew this game. She smiled as she pulled my mouth to hers for a passionate kiss.

Breaking the kiss, she said. “Hey, I have before and after pictures, if you need them.”

“I have them too, remember? We used my camera.”

“Oh yea.” She blushed a bit, and her breast grew even warmer against my arm.

Sara changed the subject and tried to draw us into a discussion about Tamara’s wedding. I think they may even have invited me to the bachelor party. But throughout the conversation, Carly kept rubbing her breast against my arm, and I was enjoying the heat of her excitement.

She tried to be subtle about it, but she was essentially masturbating on my arm and enjoying it. She wouldn’t have stopped even if she could. And because of the way I formulated the hypnotic suggestion, she couldn’t cum until she touched me with all three ‘points’ at the same time.

After about twenty minutes, Sara told us to ‘get a room’, and we laughed as we excused ourselves.

My room was on the other side of the hotel. Once inside, Carly quickly stripped off her shirt and bra. She grabbed at my hands and clamped them onto her voluptuous breasts. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply, virtually inhaling the sensations of my hands on her breasts. She clearly wanted to cum, but I wasn’t going to let her get off that easily.

I massaged her breasts for a moment, enjoying the heat of her arousal and the way pressed herself into my hands. Then I said, “Sleep for me now,” and she dropped into a deep trance. She’d been hypnotized on her feet many times. So she didn’t lose her balance or go limp. Instead she pressed her breasts even more fully into my hands, and moaned with pleasure.

Her body radiated an intoxicating sexual heat. And my hands did not want to let go. I needed three tries to move my hands up to her shoulders. She whimpered in frustration as I steadied her.

“You want to dance for me,” I told her. “When I turn on the music, you will be my private dancer. You will strip out of the rest of your clothes and begin dancing for me. You will give me a sensual lap dance, caressing my body with every part of your body, not just your breasts. And you’ll keep dancing for me until either I tell you to stop, or I pull you onto my cock.

She’d always been a good subject. She’d obey these commands no matter how hot she became. And if she was hot now, she’d soon be a body of molten lust.

I went to my suit case and pulled out my laptop. I opened the music player and started the play list based on Jace Everett’s Bad Things and Wade Hayes’ Don’t Stop. With their slightly upbeat tempo and their suggestive lyrics, these songs were perfect for lap dancing.

Keeping her eyes closed, she raised her hands over he head and began to swing her hips. She brought her hands down and caressed her sides. Thanks to previous hypnotic suggestion, she couldn’t touch her own breasts or her clit while in a trance. She needed me to touch them.

While she stepped out off her shoes, I took the chair from the little writing table and turned it to face her. She bent over as she slowly peeled off her jeans.

I pulled her closer to me as I sat. She stepped in between my legs and swayed her hips back and forth, touching both of my inner thighs. She leaned over and brought her breasts to within a inch of my face. I breathed on them and she smiled with pleasure. Then she turned around and lowered her ass to my lap. She leaned back to rest her head on my shoulder. Then she lifted her ass and began rotating it in a circle over my crotch.

I brought my hands up her sides and cupped her breasts. I pinched her nipples and made her shudder with pleasure. I slid my hands down her stomach and over her hips, and she resumed her dancing. She turned around, pressed her breasts against my chest and slid down my body.

My cock was as stiff as it could get in my pants, and she moaned as she rubbed each of her breasts over my crotch. Then she shimmied back up, sliding her breasts over my stomach and chest while I slid my hands down her back and over her ass. She stepped over my left leg, then my right. Then she lowered herself to my lap and began grinding her crotch over mine. She grabbed my head and pulled my mouth to her breast. I kissed her nipple and she shuddered.

Her nipples were stiff and hard, and by now as sensitive as her clit. As I licked and sucked on them, her dancing devolved into mindless grinding, which threatened to make me cum in my pants. Not what I wanted tonight.

I pushed her off of my lap, tore my pants off, and drew her back down. She was dripping wet, and slid onto me easily. Again, she gripped my head and pulled my mouth to her breasts. This time when I sucked her nipple, I felt her pussy pulse around my cock. I kissed, licked, and sucked her nipples one at a time, while I ran my hands over her back and shoulders.

She bucked hard against my hips, grinding her clit against my pelvic bone. But it wasn’t enough. She needed me touching both nipples and her clit at the same time.

On the verge of cuming myself, I gave her what she needed. I sucked one nipple into my mouth and brought one hand around to pinch her other nipple. Then as soon as she pressed her clit on my pelvic bone, she came. The orgasm exploded throughout her body, and her convulsing pussy pulled the cum from my cock.

A lot of women will come out of their trance when they orgasm. But not Carly. She had had enough practice over the years to remain hypnotized no matter what happened. I held and caressed her for a few minutes before asking, “Would you like to wake now, or go deeper and go for another three point orgasm?”

“Wake.” she whispered. I snapped my fingers and told her to wake. She blinked twice as she opened her eyes. Then closed them as she swooped down to kiss me. Her kiss was affectionate, but with a more than a trace of passion. When she pulled away, she said, “You know, you can stay with me while you’re working on your CDs. You can even use me as a test subject.”

I chuckled. “Like I could get any work done living with you.”

She laughed. “I have a job too, you know. I’ll be at work during the day. And at night, you can play with me any way you like.” I thought about it while I caressed her back and sides. She straightened her back, bringing her voluptuous breasts level with my mouth again, and I agreed to stay with her. This was going to be a very hot winter.

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