Redemption for the Hypnotist (sample chapters)

Redemption for the Hypnotist - An Erotic hypnosis novelPsychology professor and hypnotist Darrin Braid goes undercover to infiltrate a sex trafficking ring. But once inside he meets the beautiful Latoya Douglas who has huge hypnosis fetish. Will he try to reform her or will she corrupt him?


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Chapter 1

Darren’s sport coat felt a little itchy. He hadn’t worn it since he’d been dismissed from the university three years ago, and his discomfort made him wonder if he’d had it cleaned since then. But the discomfort was more likely mental. He had been a respected psychology professor and an expert in behavioral modification. He’d never given a sales demonstration before. Nor had he ever considered offering his expertise to ensnare unsuspecting women into sexual slavery. But here he was, preparing to do both.

He glanced over the CD covers decorating Luv Bandit Muzic’s lobby. None of the rap artists were remotely familiar — Darren’s taste leaned towards 70’s rock like Boston, Foreigner and Toto — but that didn’t matter now. He needed to prepare to give his pitch. He summoned up a mental image of how he used to feel while preparing for class, and slipped into his old teaching frame of mind just as the door to the office area opened.

A tall and well-muscled black man, wearing only jeans and a plain black tee shirt, quietly invited Darren inside. The man said good night to the receptionist, who promptly turned off her computer, picked up her purse, and headed for the door. She smiled as she passed Darren, granting him a professional wish for ‘good luck’ even though she appeared to have no idea why he was here.

Darren followed the man back to one of the studio’s control rooms, where the studio owner was waiting. The owner introduced himself as Lamar. No last name, just Lamar. He was also black and considerably overweight. He remained seated and kept his left leg straight as he shook Darren’s hand. Darren looked around as he took a seat at the sound board. A walking cane rested against the wall behind Lamar. The window to the adjoining recording room showed that room to be dark.

“So,” Lamar spoke with a Louisiana drawl. “You’re telling me all you have to do is tell a girl this story and she’ll suddenly become an obedient fuck toy?”

“It’s not really that simple. The stories are told with special language and speech patterns that engage the brain’s mirror neurons.”

“Mirror … what?”

“It’s the part of the brain that helps you identify with someone. It creates the feeling of compassion and the desire to imitate or become more like the person you see, or in this case hear about. When your girls listen to one of these stories, they will see themselves become the girl in the story. They’ll subjectively experience the same feelings as the girl. When they see the girl in the story enjoying really great sex, they’ll feel a desire to enjoy sex in the same way. And they will subconsciously accept some of the same mental attitude that will enable her to enjoy it.

“I thought you said these were audio stories. How can they see anything?” Lamar’s tone reminded Darren of the voice he sometimes used with students; the voice he used when he knew the answers and wanted to see how well the students explained themselves. He hadn’t been on the receiving end of that tone since defending his dissertation. But he was here to sell his expertise, so he played along. “They will see it in their minds, in their imagination. That’s part of the process, engaging their imagination. Then what they imagine will become what they want.”

Darren produced a flash drive from his pocket and sat down at the control board. “The stories are already written and recorded. I just need to transfer the files to your system, and I’ll need you to show me how to direct them to individual headsets. Then of course, we need a couple of victims … err … ladies.”

Lamar rolled his chair over to Darren and powered up the sound system, “And where do you suggest we find these … ladies?”

“This is a hip hop recording studio, isn’t it? You must have a few dozen backup dancers or groupies who’d do anything to meet ‘the band’. Call a few. Tell them you want them to come in to listen to a demo tape for a new artist. Just make sure you tell them that the demos are erotic audio stories, not music, and you want them to stick around afterwards to tell us what they liked or didn’t like. ”

Lamar nodded to his body guard, who left silently. Then Lamar took the flash drive and connected it to the computer. He copied the files to the recording computer’s hard drive and showed Darren how to operate the sound system.

A few minutes later, the bodyguard returned with three hot young ladies; two black women and a short, but athletic looking Hispanic woman.

Lamar let the women introduce themselves. The slender light-skinned black girl introduced herself as Latoya. She carried herself with the assurance of a professional businesswoman, but it was her soft sensual lips that captivated Darren’s attention. He’d always had a bit of a fetish for a woman’s lips and couldn’t resist imagining her lips sliding down his cock. The other black woman had somewhat darker skin and a more solid build. She introduced herself as Jackie. Her hands were callused and cut from some type of manual labor. The Hispanic girl was Marisa. Darren didn’t need to look to know she had beautifully bronzed skin and an athletically toned body.

Darren explained that they were testing a new line of erotic audio stories and that he was hoping to persuade the studio to market the stories. So they wanted the girls to listen and give their opinions on whether they would buy the stories or recommend them to friends. Lamar’s bodyguard then showed the girls to separate listening booths and helped them settle into their chairs and headphones.

Darren had actually prepared three different stories and cued them up separately; a seduction story, a sexual obedience training story and a brief story to induce partial amnesia. This way he could replay the seduction story until he was certain a girl was deeply entranced, replay the obedience story until she orgasmed on command, and followed it with all with a single play of the amnesia story to make the girls ignore the fact that they would be obeying everything he said.

He started the seduction scene for all three girls. Then dimmed the lights in the listening booths so the girls could more easily drift off, but he could still see their reactions.

Marisa was the most quickly affected. When the story reached the deep breathing hypnotic induction, her breathing deepened noticeably. Her slowly rising breasts inspired all three of the watching men.

“As I recall,” Lamar told Darren, “Marisa refused to go out with Tony,” indicating his body guard. “What was the reason she gave you?”

“Said I was too big.”

“Right, so if you can get her to fuck him, you’ll have proved your skill.”

“Judging from her response so far, that will be pretty easy. What remains to be seen is how long the effects last.”

The recording reached the part where Darren was about to tie the girl to the bed. It was exciting to watch her raise her arms over her head in response to the hidden commands. As the hypnotic commands made her experience some very tantalizing foreplay, her hips started squirming deliciously. When Darren’s recorded voice asked her if she was willing to do things his way, she nodded quickly. After a single run through she was ready for the obedience training story.

Unfortunately, Latoya and Jackie appeared to be in much lighter trances. Neither were lifting their arms, but they were at least entranced. He’d have to replay the seduction story a few more times for both of them before they would be deep enough to accept the obedience suggestions without resistance.

Darren cut the audio in the control room. Now that the three girls were all listening to different parts of the stories, it was too difficult to follow.

Marisa continued to squirm and breathe hard for several minutes. Suddenly, she jumped up, standing at attention, but with her eyes still closed. Lamar drew in a quick breath, concerned that she had caught on to what the program was doing to her. But just as quickly she dropped to her knees.

Tony discreetly tried to adjust himself, but his cock seemed to know she’d be serving it soon, and he could not completely hide his excitement. Darren found her response just as exciting, but had long ago learned to control his own excitement. His cock wouldn’t come up until he wanted it to.

Jackie finally raised her arms over her head indicating she was ready to proceed to the obedience story. Latoya, on the other hand, was just starting to breathe deeply. Darren quietly laughed to himself. It would be just his luck that the girl he most wanted would be the hardest to get. He’d clearly have to “seduce” her again.

Marisa was now on her knees, obediently sucking an imaginary cock. She slid down and rolled over on her back, thrusting her hips up to the image in her mind of the man training her subconscious to obey him; the man who, by design, spoke with Darren’ voice. She started whispering the word “yes” over and over, in response to the imagined fucking, totally unaware that she was also agreeing with the post-hypnotic commands that were being embedded in her mind and subconsciously linked to the intense pleasure she was feeling. Her voice grew louder and louder until she suddenly stopped. She tensed up, came hard, and collapsed in a spent heap.

Darren paused the playback and asked Lamar how to speak directly to Marisa. Lamar reached over, flipped a switch, and a light labeled ‘mic’ lit up.

“Marisa, stand up.” She obeyed. “When I tell you to open your eyes, you will do so, but you will remain deeply entranced.”

Darren waited for Marisa to take two breaths before continuing. “Open your eyes. See the chair next to you. Sit in it and close your eyes again.” She obeyed, and Darren started the amnesia story for her.

“Do I get her now?” Tony asked.

“Another 10 minutes for the amnesia sequence. This will program her to consciously ignore the fact that she’s obeying commands and accept everything as natural. This way, she’ll never know or care that we’ve reprogrammed her into an obedient sex toy.”

Jackie was coming near the end of the obedience training sequence. Her hips were churning with arousal, but noticeably weaker than Marisa’s. Darren restarted the obedience training sequence, leaving her teased and frustrated. Latoya was still listening to the seduction story. She looked as amused as she was aroused. Darren guessed that no matter how many times he repeated the story she would deliberately stay in a light trance. So he set her program to transition to the obedience story after it finished the current play of the seduction.

When Marisa lifted the headphones from her ears, Darren raised the lights in her room and went to join her. She greeted him cheerily.

“So how did you like the story?” he asked.

Her eyes went wide, responding to the subconscious link between the sound of his voice and the promise of intense sexual pleasure. “It was good,” she beamed excitedly.

“What did you like about it?”

She inched forward in the chair and offered Darren a good view of her C-cup cleavage. “Um … , ” she blushed. “Everything. I just loved listening to it.”

“What did you think about the girl who was hypnotized?”

“She was … um … okay,” she replied, as if she wasn’t certain what he was talking about. She reached over to caress Darren’s arm.

“Stand up.”

“Okay.” Her breathing quickened as she obeyed. She moved close to him, almost touching her breasts to his chest, her hands gliding up his arms to his shoulders.

“Kneel.” She was on her knees before she had time to think about it, and reaching for his cock. “Sleep for me now.” Her eyes closed and her hands fell to her knees but she remained kneeling. “The hypnotized girl wants to meet the rap star, doesn’t she?” Marisa nodded. “And it excites her to think about meeting him. It excites her even more to think she can have him. Doesn’t it?” Again, she nodded.

“And it’s a great feeling to become so excited. The hypnotized girl loves feeling this excitement. And she can easily imagine what will happen when the hypnotist introduces her to the star. He’ll tell her that this man is ‘your star’ and she’ll feel this rush of excitement that she loves and she will become eager to give him the best fuck of his life. She’ll become so hot and eager to please him, she’ll forget everything else until she does please him.”

Darren knelt beside her. “Show me how excited the girl will get when she meets her star.” Marisa reached for his face and drew his lips to hers, kissing him hotly. His cock threatened to break his control, so he stopped her. He woke her, stood her up and walked her back to the control booth. She hung on his arm and pressed her breasts warmly against it as they walked.

As soon as they reached the booth, he said, “Marisa, Tony here is your star.” Her head whipped around to find her star. As soon as she zeroed in on Tony, she ran into his arms and kissed him passionately, rubbing her whole body against his.

After a minute, Tony remembered where he was. He excused himself and took his new fucktoy to a more private room.

Lamar smiled knowingly, “Your stories work better than I expected. But they seem to be working more slowly on these other two. Jackie seems to be responding better now, but I don’t think Latoya has responded at all.”

“Everyone responds a little differently. Marisa must be one of those rare perfect subjects. I expect you’ll find most girls will be responsive, but not so quickly or completely.”

“Very good. But how do I know the girls will obey other men, the way they obey you?”

“If I tell them to, they will. The program trains them to my voice; which can’t be helped.”

Lamar frowned.

“Think about the way a song sticks in your head. Your mind records the voice, the melody and rhythm as one single memory; the components are linked together. This works the same way, the sexual arousal, the obedience, and my voice are all linked together into a single memory. You saw the way Marisa responded. Just the sound of my voice turned her on and made her eager to please me.”

“I don’t think you’ll have it quite so easy with the other two,” Lamar nodded to the monitor.

Darren looked at the two girls. Jackie was fondling herself, one hand caressing a breast and the other between her legs. That wasn’t part of the program. There were no commands to touch herself. Darren had specifically designed the program to make a girl forget masturbating and believe all pleasure came from being with men.

Still, her intense arousal meant he had gotten through to her subconscious. She’d still be aroused by his voice and his commands. So with some more personal attention he could probably train her to respond properly.

The girl he actually wanted, however, had barely responded. In fact, she was smiling like she knew exactly what to expect. That meant he’d better switch her to the obedience program before she woke herself.

He ran the obedience segment twice more for Jackie before she exploded in an orgasm that left her spent. Darren cued the amnesia/awakening program and asked Lamar if he would like Jackie’s desires directed towards him.

“Wouldn’t you like to enjoy your own handiwork?” Lamar asked.

“Of course, but Latoya is more my type.”

Lamar chuckled, “Good choice. Jackie can be jealously possessive.”

“You didn’t tell me you knew any of the girls that well.”

“Not me,” he laughed. “Just something I heard.”

“Jealousy and possessiveness can be reduced, even eliminated. But it requires special attention. This program won’t address it, but I could easily convince her to come back for another ‘test’.”

“Do that. It will be interesting to see if she returns when you tell her to.”

Darren entered the booth just as Jackie was opening her eyes. She removed the headphones in time to hear him ask, “How did you like the story?”

“It was great, I never knew a man could talk like that.”

“It’s a skill. Like singing or acting, it takes some practice to become good. Tell me; what did you think of the girls in the stories?”

“I liked the first girl. But I think the second girl surrendered too quickly.” Her hand came up to her breast, but she forced it down and grasped the chair’s arm. “She should have resisted a little longer.”

“What would that have gotten her?”

“Respect, of course. Men don’t respect a girl who gives it up too easily. They just use her and throw her out.” She sounded bitter, like she was speaking from personal experience. Her hips were squirming, but she was fighting the desire to inch closer to Darren.

“But what about her pleasure? Doesn’t a woman need sexual satisfaction as much as she needs respect?” In spite of her attempts at self control, she began to breathe a little harder. “Sometimes, a little more.” Darren smiled seeing her hips inch forward, her desire growing stronger than her self control.

“Sleep for me now, Jackie. Imagine a balancing scale. One side holds the need for respect; the other side, the need for pleasure. You can see them balancing each other. Sometimes one need outweighs the other, and other times the other need outweighs the one.” He’d never let such bad grammar slip into a recording, but face-to-face, he could expand it to make more sense. “Sometimes a woman needs respect more than pleasure, but other times she needs pleasure more than respect.”

Jackie frowned, in spite of her growing arousal, she wasn’t just going to accept that suggestion. So Darren tried a different approach. “Picture the hypnotized girl in your mind. Now imagine the hypnotist told her that she was at a doctor’s office and had told the doctor she was feeling a little down. The doctor does a blood test and tells her that her body isn’t producing enough oxytocin. She’s stunned, she’s never heard of this before. And the doctor explains that oxytocin is the hormone the body produces during sex. It’s a very important hormone that helps keep you happy and healthy. Caressing and being caressed triggers the body to produce the hormone. The more she is caressed, the more her body will produce, and the better it will make her feel. So it’s very important that she give and receive more physical affection, more sex.

“The girl is deeply hypnotized so she accepts the suggestion that she needs more sex, but she still doesn’t want to be a slut. So the doctor tells her to think about how important her health is. It’s more important than what other people think of her; her health is more important than anything else in the world. And if more sex will improve her health, then sex would become more important than what people think too. All she had to do was think about it.

“You can see how the hypnotized girl would accept this suggestion, can’t you?” Jackie whispered a quiet agreement. “The hypnotist told her to think about this, and the more she thought about it, the more she would see how important it was to get more sex in her life. He told her to think about it for a week then come back to discuss the next step.

“Now this girl is deeply hypnotized, right? And she does what she’s told. She thinks about it for a week, and each time she thinks about it she realizes that sex will make her feel better, and she does want to feel better. So she begins to want more sex. And soon she can see herself telling this man that she has accepted the suggestion to have more sex and she’ll do anything else he suggests. You can see this, can’t you?” Jackie nodded.

“Good, now your subconscious knows who the hypnotized girl is, and it will remind her to think about these suggestions. And it will keep reminding her to think about them until she accepts them. Then it will bring her back here to get some more good advice. Let’s say the same time next week, shall we?”

Jackie didn’t respond.

“One week from tonight, Jackie, come back here, okay?”

She whispered her acceptance.

“Come awake now.”

Her eyes opened slowly and she blinked a few times.

“I hate to do this, but it’s getting late. Can you come back next week to listen to another story?

Jackie’s eyes widened with desire, but she restrained herself. “Yes, I’d love to.”

“Good, I’ll show you out.” Darren walked her to the exit without touching her or triggering another trance. It was best to wait and see how she responded to the time bomb he planted in her subconscious. If it worked as planned, and it should, she’d be back in a week willing to fuck anyone he suggested.

Walking back to the control room, he heard a minor commotion from the office. Tony tumbled from the office trying to get his pants zipped back up. Marisa was trying equally hard to get those pants off. They weren’t saying a word to each other, just fumbling around like a couple in an old slapstick film.

Seeing Darren, Tony barked, “Get her off of me, would you?”

Darren chuckled to himself. Be careful what you wish for, he thought. “Marisa, I’m your star.” Her head whipped around. Instantly she forgot the bodyguard and threw herself into Darren’s arms. Her hot breasts pressed firmly to his chest, her lips greedily kissing his, her loins pumping his crotch and threatening his self control.

The moment she let him breathe, he said, “Sleep for me now.” Her eyes had already closed for the kiss. Now her arms relaxed and her hips stilled, but she still clung to him nicely. “Marisa, we can make love all night, but first I need to finish my work here.” She let out a quiet little pout. “If you behave yourself, I can finish a little sooner, then we’ll have the whole night to ourselves. You’ll behave for me, won’t you? Be patient until we get home.” The last a command, not a question.

She whispered her agreement. He patted her butt as he said, “That’s my girl.” It made her squirm nicely, but when he woke her she quietly took her place hanging on his arm.

To Tony he said, “With a girl like this, you just have to take charge. She loves the feeling of belonging to a strong, alpha male.” Then to Marisa he asked, “Don’t you, doll?” She answered with a brief affectionate kiss, then rested her head on his shoulder.

They returned to the control room where Lamar said, “You still have one more girl listening to your stories.”

“Right, let’s take care of her.”

They waited patiently for Latoya to complete the obedience segment one more time. Then Darren played the amnesia segment for her. When he saw her raise an eyebrow, he knew she had never gone deep enough for the amnesia commands to override her own natural perceptions.

Darren instructed Marisa to wait for him in the control room. Then he walked around to the listening booth where Latoya waited. As he removed her headphones, he asked, “What did you think?”

She leaned forward luxuriously, “Hmm, That’s your voice?”

“Yes, I wrote and voiced the story.”

She rested her elbow on the chair’s arm, and her chin in her hand. She looked him straight in the eye and said, “It was very sensual; especially the description of being repeatedly tied to the bed and caressed into a trance.” Darren froze. The last thing he expected was to find a girl who knew what he was doing. “But I’ve always been amazed at the way you worked that second induction into the story.”


“Uh huh,” she inched closer to him. “I bought the CD from your web site last year. I must have listened to it a dozen times.” She put her hand on his knee. “I always wondered what you looked like and if you could really caress a woman that way.”

For a second, Darren was stunned. He’d only sold a few copies of the recording from his web site. Her recognition was the last thing he expected. Strike that, her knowing what he was doing and being okay with it was the last thing he expected. He covered her hand with his. “Do you have a hypnosis fetish? Or do you just enjoy the idea of being seduced?”

“I wouldn’t call it a fetish. I don’t need it the way some do. But I enjoy being hypnotized, seduced, aroused … and I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to really have a man make love to me so hypnotically that it changes the way I see the world; the way you describe in the story. Are you surprised?”

“Honestly, yes … and no … Not surprised that you’d enjoy being hypnotized. But I’m surprised that such a beautiful young woman would know how sensual hypnosis can be.”

“How did your other two subjects fair?”

“Marisa was a perfect subject. She accepted every suggestion; she’s become an eager little fuckbunny, and she doesn’t know that anything has changed. She’s waiting in the control room for me to take her home for some great sex. Jackie only partially accepted the suggestions. Part of her is resisting, but I sent her home with commands that will percolate in her subconscious and help her become more accepting over the next week. And you?”

Her eyes gleamed with excitement. “I love your voice. I love being hypnotized, and I’d love to explore this further. Maybe some place a little more private?” She leaned in close to him and whispered, “and I’d love to share your ‘little fuckbunny’.”

They stood together and Latoya took Darren’s arm as they walked back to the control room. Marisa ran to Darren’s arm, ignoring Latoya.

“Well, Lamar. What do you think?”

“I think your methods are somewhat flawed,” he hedged. “But maybe with some work and a little more effort into selecting the right ladies, we might be able to work something out. You’ll be staying in town for a while, won’t you?”

Darren embraced the two girls; one wildly aroused and obedient, the other a beautiful woman who actually shared his interest in erotic hypnosis. Not how he expected the demonstration to end, but certainly an opportunity worth exploring. “Oh, yes. I’ll be around for a few days.”


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Chapter 2

The demonstration had lasted well past midnight, but Darren didn’t want to go back to his hotel room. He asked Latoya to drive the three of them to her place, and she agreed. Darren got in the back seat with Marisa cuddling playfully on his lap. She quickly started kissing his neck, and cooed softly as he began fondling her breasts. Darren stopped her with the command to go into a trance. He needed to see if the car across the street was starting up to follow them. It was. He looked around and sure enough, Lamar’s muscle was getting into a car too.

Mike would likely object to his “playing with the merchandise”, but if he thought Darren was still putting on a show for Tony, he wouldn’t interfere … at least not for a while.

He whispered a few instructions to Marisa and she began kissing his neck again. Her soft kisses felt nice, and her breasts were warm against his chest. In spite of his self control, his cock began to stir. She squirmed against it so nicely that he almost didn’t notice his cell phone vibrating.

“Hold on one second, pet.” He had to wriggle to get the phone free. “Hey, I’m still in the meeting. Can I call you back later?… Yes, the customer is right behind me, I’m about to show him a new feature.” On cue, Marisa moved to straddle him and pulled her top off so her naked breasts were visible to the cars following them. “Got to go. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Latoya was trying to watch them in her rear view mirror. She smiled at his pun, but otherwise said nothing until they arrived at her place. “We’re here,” she jumped out of the car, eager to help Darren take the action inside.

Darren urged Marisa after her, lagging only enough to confirm both cars had followed them all the way to the apartment. He hoped that Tony would stick around a bit to keep his handler at a distance and let him enjoy the girls.

The hallway between the apartments was poorly lit. Latoya’s apartment, however, was spacious and tastefully furnished. Once inside, Darren realized he was in a bit of a predicament. Both girls were expecting him to take charge and dominate them, but he hadn’t prepared a scene. Marisa would be easy, but Latoya still had a mind of her own, and he thought it he might like to keep it that way. Looking at her again, he remembered his initial attraction, and knowing that she was as interested in hypnosis as he was, made her even more attractive. He suddenly felt like impressing her with a demonstration.

“Marisa, Sleep for me now.” Her eyes closed but she remained standing. “Ignore what Latoya and I say to each other. Pay attention only to what I say directly to you.” Then to Latoya he said, “You want to see how well she responds to my programming?”

“Yes,” she said, stepping close to him.

“Marisa, kneel.” She obeyed. “Stand.” She obeyed. Darren wrapped his arm around Latoya and drew her in close as he continued instructing the hypnotized girl. “Now, Marisa, you need a shower. Get undressed.”

Latoya’s eyes were on the hypnotized girl, but her hand was sliding up Darren’s back. And by the time Marisa was naked, Latoya was rubbing her body against Darren’s. He turned to the sexy black woman and commanded her to kiss him. She smiled as she complied, her hand now slipping under his shirt. Her lips were soft, voluptuous, sensual, and tasted like spearmint. He wanted her sucking his cock. Between kisses, he instructed Marisa to soap her body, first her breasts, then her legs, then her pussy. Marisa obeyed each command easily. And each time she did, Latoya pressed herself more urgently against him.

“Will she suck your cock on command?”

“Of course, but I want you to suck me first.”

Latoya giggled. “Make her do it. I want to watch.”

“Who’s in charge here?” Darren asked.

“I am,” Latoya laughed. “The subject always has the final say.”

Darren gave her a playfully authoritative look. “I don’t think so. You listened to the obedience trainer too. You’ll do what I tell you too.”

“I might,” she teased. “I might not.”

He took her by the wrist and pulled her to the couch. He sat and pulled her down to her knees between his legs. “Look at my cock”. She complied, but quickly looked back up at his face. She was putting up a token resistance to feel the pleasure of being over powered. “Sleep for me now.” Her eyes glazed slightly in response. “Sleep for me now, and I’ll give you want you want. Sleep for me now.” Her eyes glazed a little more with each command.

“I know you love being hypnotized. You told me so. And I know you love the feeling of arousal and desire that you can feel as you go deep into a trance. The deeper you go into a trance, the more fully you can enjoy the arousal you feel. You want to enjoy our arousal, don’t you?” She nodded just slightly. “Yes, you love to feel the arousal in my cock. Feel how hard it is with your hands and your lips.” Her eyes drifted down to his cock and grew wide with desire. “Your lips are so sensitive; so sexual. It will feel wonderful to wrap them around my cock and suck me harder.” Her head moved closer to his cock. “Suck me now. Feel the pleasure of my aroused cock with your sensual lips.”

Her eyes closed as her mouth encased his cock. She closed her lips tightly around him and began sliding her mouth over his shaft. In just a few seconds, he was fully erect and could feel the pleasure fully. He rested his hand on the back of her head and encouraged her to abandon herself to desire; to enjoy the feeling of being in his control and to feel eager for more. “As you continue sucking me, you’re lips will become more sensitive. Feel your lips tune to the sensitivities of my cock.” She started moaning as she kissed his cock head, then licked the underside of the shaft. “Feel your pleasure growing with mine; your orgasm building with mine.”

Oops. That was a mistake. He wanted to savor this heaven a while, but she engulfed his shaft again, locking onto it and sucking it urgently. She sucked him harder and faster; driving his cock to an orgasm that she would share.

Darren stopped talking, letting her own desire drive her now. He closed his eyes and let himself enjoy the heavenly pleasure of her lips. She swirled her tongue around his cock head which made him tighten. She licked from under the crown to the eye. He tried to hold back, but she was too driven; sucking him harder until his cum burst forth like a jet. Her orgasm took her at the same time, and the convulsions pulled her from his cock, which made his cum splatter in her hair. She collapsed with her face on his leg, and they rested there until Darren’s phone rang again.

“Who’d be calling you now?”

“It’s my cousin. We were going to get together after the demonstration.” Technically true, Mike Barrett was Darren’s second cousin. He was also the FBI’s senior field agent in the Los Angeles area, and the man who strong armed Darren into flying to L.A. to demonstrate his hypnotic stories to a slave trafficker.

As he opened the phone, he looked up to see Marisa still ‘washing’ her pussy; obeying his earlier command like a mindless fucktoy. He nudged Latoya to look, and they both giggled. Into the phone he said, “Hold on a sec.” Then to Latoya he said, “Why don’t you take her for a real shower?”

They stood and started walking toward the hypnotized girl, but he stumbled as his pants fell down around his thighs and his semi-hard cock dripped a string of fluid. Latoya giggled, then offered him a box of tissues. He cleaned up a bit and stuffed his cock back in his briefs as he gave the girl new instructions. “Marisa, I want you and Latoya to become good friends; really good friends. When I snap my fingers, you’ll wake up and go with her, and do whatever she wants, okay?”

She nodded.

“Good girl. One, two, three.” Snap!

Once Latoya led the compliant girl into the bathroom, Darren turned his attention to the phone. “Okay, I can talk now.”

“What are you doing in there?”

“Following through. What did you think?”

“You were supposed to come back to the hotel and debrief us.”

“I’m being watched. I had to keep up the show.”

“Tell me you didn’t take advantage of the civilians.”

“I didn’t take advantage of the civilians. This girl knows exactly what I’m doing.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“She said she recognized my voice. She bought one of my CDs from my web site last year.”

“This is bad.”


“What if she’s a plant? What if she’s working for Lamar? And now she’s watching you to see if you’re a fed?”

“Then I better quit talking to you and go join her in the shower.”


“Bye. Oh, her name is Latoya … crap, I don’t know her last name.” He looked around, found a magazine with a mailing label. “Her name is … Sonya Douglas? Must be a roommate. I’ll find out and see you back at the hotel around noon.” Darren snapped the phone shut and joined the girls in shower.

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Chapter 3

After a few hours of fun and a few hours of sleep, Latoya’s alarm sounded, waking all three of them. Darren quickly whispered a trigger in Marisa’s ear to return her to trance. They all dressed and Latoya drove Darren and Marisa back to their cars at the studio. Marisa continued hanging on his arm and brushing her tits against him as much as she could. Tony’s car was already back in the lot, and Darren thought he could see Lamar watching them from the office window. So he decided to keep Marisa with him, at least until he returned to the hotel.

Darren’s cousin was waiting for him in his hotel room. Mike was wearing the same shirt and tie as the night before. But his rigid military-like posture had kept them from wrinkling.

“Where have you been all night?” He demanded of Darren. Then seeing Marisa on Darren’s arm he addressed her, “Martinez? What are you doing here? Why didn’t you stay with the suspects?”

She ignored the question, continuing to rub her breasts against Darren’s arm.

“Well?” he asked the girl.

“You have to say the exact phrase,” Darren reminded him as he extracted his arm from the girl and pushed her forward.

Mike growled, “Agent Martinez, report.” She blinked as she started to come out of the trance. Darren took a step back as Mike repeated the phrase, “Agent Martinez, report.” Darren took another step back as she spun and her fist swung through the space where his head had been. He dodged into the adjacent room and locked the door.

She pounced on the door, pounding on it, and screaming, “You bastard!! You were supposed to get me in under cover, not use me yourself!”

Through the door Darren replied, “Not my fault you came on too strong. If you’d been a little less aggressive … ”

“Martinez!” Barrett barked. “Front and center.”

She pounded once more on the door, then growled her frustration as she obeyed. “Yes, Sir.” She took two deep breaths to calm herself. “Professor Braid is correct, Sir. My persona was too sexually aggressive. The target got scared.”

“Not scared,” Darren emerged, “flustered. He expected you to be a docile and obedient little puppet, but you turned into a tigress. If you had behaved with him the way you do with me, he would have kept you with him.”

Marisa turned towards him, but Mike ordered her to stand down. “Did either of you learn anything?”

“No, Sir.” Marisa remained at attention.

“Nothing useful. Lamar talked about his artists and their awards, but nothing about buyers for the girls. He obviously doesn’t trust me yet.”

“Did you plant the spyware in his computers?” Mike asked both of them.

Marisa replied first, “No, Sir. I didn’t have a chance.”

Darren walked to the kitchenette and poured himself a cup of coffee. “I got it into the recording studio computer. But he told me that was isolated from the office computers and the Internet. So don’t expect it to provide anything useful.”

“Sir, our covers are still intact. Professor Braid could adjust my alternate personality and still get me in.”

“Would you stop calling me ‘professor’? You know I don’t teach any more.”

Barrett must of heard the resentment in Darren’s voice, because he put his hand on Darren’s shoulder, “I told you, when we’re done with this operation, the bureau will provide recommendations. You’ll be able to return to teaching. Now, can you do what she suggested?”

“Easy. All I have to do is … ”

“Good. Do it.”

Darren rolled his eyes at his cousin’s military-like ‘get it done’ attitude. “Okay, after we eat breakfast.”

* * *

Marisa paced the room until another agent brought them breakfast. She read about the scandal that cost Professor Braid his teaching career. She thought he’d gotten a raw deal. Now she wasn’t sure. She agreed to let him hypnotize her because it would give her a real advantage. An altered personality wouldn’t have her temper. It would be easier for her to stay close to Tony, maintain her cover, and find out all she could about their operation. But now, she didn’t know if she could trust Braid.

He’d seen an opportunity and taken advantage of it. Any good agent would do the same. But using her sexually seemed no better than what slavers did to women. What other opportunities would he take advantage of? Would he sell her out if the money was good enough?

She accepted the fast-food breakfast from the agent, but didn’t unwrap it. Instead she slammed it on the table in front of Braid, declaring, “You used me!”

“You’re not using me?”


“You’re the FBI agent. I’m just someone who’s skills you need to do your job.”

“I don’t need you.”

“Then why do you want me to hypnotize you again?”

“What? So you can give me an edge. But I could do the job without you.”

“Give you an edge … as in; I can make you a better agent.”

“Yes, but …”

“You’re willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.”

“Yes, but … ”

“Even letting me change your personality, which most people would consider a more serious violation than a little casual sex.”

“Yes … No … ,” Marisa picked up the wrapped breakfast sandwich and threw it across the room. She dropped hard into the chair with her arms folded tightly across her chest. “I gave you permission to change my personality—temporarily! I didn’t say you could take me home for a threesome! I HATE THREESOMES!

Braid was silent for a moment. “I’m sorry. I misread you.” Marisa didn’t respond. “I know I shouldn’t be here. I’m not trained for this type of work.”

“You did okay … for your first time out,” she begrudged him. “You’d have gotten me in if I hadn’t screwed up.”

“We both made mistakes. But nothing so bad we can’t fix it if we work together.” Braid broke his sandwich in half and offered her half. “And we’ll work better with some food in our stomachs.” Marisa accepted the peace offering, and ate while she worked at letting go of her anger.

After eating, Darren triggered Marisa into trance. She had listened to his obedience training recording several times before even approaching Luv Bandit Muzic. She easily slipped into a trance. “Marisa, you’d like to get closer to Tony, wouldn’t you?” She nodded. “The way to do this is to become the girl he wants you to be. Act the way he wants you to act. You know he likes to be in control, and he likes girls to defer to him, look up to him and serve his needs. He wants a submissive plaything. You’re not really a submissive plaything, but you can act this way for the job, can’t you?”

Marisa’s eyebrows scrunched together, which told Darren that she was uncertain about accepting the suggestion. So Darren tried a different tactic.

“Imagine Tony with his favorite girl. Can you see them together?” Marisa nodded. “See how he treats her. See how she responds the way he wants her to. She does everything she can to be his perfect girl. Denying her own desires to please him. For the job, you need to get as close to him as she is. You need to take her place. You need to act as she does. Study her. Copy her attitude, her behaviors. Adopt them as part of your undercover acting skills.

In her mind, Marisa watched Tony removing a set of headphones from a pretty girl’s head. The girl had been subjected to the same obedience programming that Marisa had listened to, but this girl responded more docilely. She gazed at him with an adoring look in her eyes that made him smile. She waited for his command to kneel, she took out his cock and stroked it with admiration.

Marisa hated girls like this; docile, obedient, living only to please; no life or purpose of their own. It was why she hated the idea of girls being forced into slavery, and why she was eager to take down this slave ring.

As Darren suggested, Marisa imagined herself taking the slave girl’s place; hiding her disgust to get the job done. She looked up to see Tony smiling in contentment; trusting that she was no more than an obedient toy. She would get him comfortable, make him trust that she was harmless, then he’d drop his defenses and she could plant the bugs, learn his secrets and take him down.

Marisa tried to imagine them together after the blow job. She cuddled up to him, pretending that he was the world to her, letting him think he was in total control, and that she didn’t care about anything but pleasing him. He’d want to show her off as a trophy; he’d take her to show the buyers how well behaved she was. And while she pretended not to care, she’d see the faces of the other slavers.

First, however, she’d have to get access; become the girl that Tony wants her to be. She imagined she was in a theater store room. She sifted through the costumes until she found the one for the role she was to play; a lacy harem costume from a thousand years ago. She saw herself in a mirror as she stripped off her modern clothes and donned the costume. She adjusted the brassiere to accent her breasts and keep the man thinking of her as nothing but a harmless plaything. Then she prepared to go on stage.

Fingers snapped in front of her face, and she was back in the hotel room. Braid sitting next to her. He was more to her taste; attractive in his own understated way, but a brilliant teacher and hypnotist. No question in her mind that he knew what he was doing. She felt the change in her mind, the thin veneer of docility and eagerness to please that now restrained her determination. She knew she could remove it as easily as a theater costume, but she needed to wear it … for the job.

She smiled at Braid like a perfect little trophy girl, and patiently waited for his lead. He took her hand as he said, “Let’s deliver you to your new ‘owner’.”


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