One Do-It-Yourself Kinky Comic Book Movie

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Joyce handed scripts to Carly, Mike, and myself. I asked her, “You know I’ve never directed a video before, right?”

“But you consulted on a few, right? That puts you a step ahead of us.”

Mike raised an eyebrow. “Who did you consult for?”

“Another amateur group like this. They made a short film about a company brainwashing all their female employees, so they’d be happy to do anything their bosses wanted. And of course, their bosses wanted strip shows and blow jobs. I helped the actresses act hypnotized.”

“By actually hypnotizing them, right?” Carly rubbed her large warm breasts against my arm. She couldn’t help it. She’d always had a bit of a hypnosis fetish. And since I’d moved in with her, I’d made that fetish a lot stronger.

“Yes, but not during the actual filming. I hypnotized them before rehearsals, so they could see how it felt and how to express being entranced for the camera.”

“Cool.” Mike said as he skimmed his pages. “So I’m the Ring Master, right?”

“Yep,” Joyce said. “I’m Mary Jane, and Carly is Felicia the cat burglar.

“You sure this is legal? Marvel Comics won’t sue us copyright infringement?”

“No, it’s considered a parody, which is protected by intellectual property law.” I lowered myself into the director’s chair that Carly bought for me. “We just have to use slightly different names and costumes.”

“Porn is intellectual property?” Mike gave me a skeptical look.

“Hey, I didn’t write the law.” I put my hands in the air. “Just telling you what it says.”

I looked over the script. It was mostly stage directions, only a few lines of dialog. “Okay. Scene 1. Mary Jane you’ve hired Felicia to get you into the Ring Master’s home. But you haven’t told her why. And you don’t yet want her to know that you’ve got the hots for her. So don’t let her catch you looking at her cleavage.”

Carly pushed her chest out to tease her friend. She wasn’t wearing the black cat costume yet, but Joyce couldn’t stop herself from glancing over. Even when covered, Carly’s chest commanded your attention.

Carly gave me a wink. Then she knelt in the position to pick a doorknob lock. “Okay, so we’re breaking into this guy’s house. Tell me why.”

Joyce hunched over my girlfriend, looking back and forth from the script to Carly’s cleavage. “He has a ring. He a… stole it from my mother, and I want it back.”

“The lock clicks and the door opens a crack.” I read the stage directions.

“Okay, we’re in,” Carly said. She stood and tiptoed through the imaginary door. Joyce followed her.

“The room,” I say, “is full of glass display cases. Each one holding a different ring. Walk around and look at them for a minute.” The girls walked around the room, looking at imaginary displays. “Then Felicia says…”

“That’s a lot of rings. Which one is it?” Carly whispered.

“It’s a silver ring with a large red onyx; looks kind of like a bloodstone.” Joyce whispered back.

“The lights turn on, and the Ring Master enters.”

“What…?” Mike shouts.

“Not so loud, Mike.”

“What…?” he repeats quieter.

“Better. Okay, Mary Jane starts to lunge towards the ring master.” Joyce took a step towards Mike. “But the ring master aims his ring at her.” Mike lifted his arm, made a fist, and aimed his college graduation ring at her. Joyce stopped in place. She widened her eyes and tried to refrain from smiling. Unfortunately, she looked more like a pouting puppy than a mind control victim. Carly and I shared a look and broke into laughter. A second later, Mike and Joyce also started laughing.

“Okay,” I said. “That’s enough. Joyce, I thought you had been hypnotized before.”

“I have.” She blushed. Just … never by a comic book character with his graduation ring.”

I had to admit, this was pretty silly. But geeks like us grew up reading comic books with all kinds of mind control. Comic book heroines have always been drawn to be beautiful and strong, and sexy. When mind controlled, they seemed even sexier. It inspired lots of fantasies. Yet we never got to see the villains enjoy the pleasure of that enhanced sexiness. So now we were bringing one to life for ourselves.

“Okay, when he first aims the ring at you, just freeze. Don’t change your expression. After he says, ‘I’ve been hoping to see you again.’ Then I want you to act like Veronica Carlson when …”

“Who?” Joyce asked. Both her and Mike gave me puzzled looks.

“The blonde actress from Dracula has Risen from the Grave.”

“Sorry.” She shrugged. “Never seen it.”

“Seriously? How could someone with a hypnosis fetish never see one of the sexiest vampire hypnosis scenes of all time?” She shrugged apologetically.

I walked over to Carly, raised my hand up to her face, and snapped my fingers. “Sleep for me.” Her lips twitched with a smile as she closed her eyes and dropped into a trance. She had a huge exhibitionist streak. Back when I was touring, Carly always volunteered for my stage shows. Since I’d quit the circuit and moved in with her, our hypnotic play got a lot more intimate. But she was still happy to put on a show.

“You remember the movie I was just talking about. Don’t you?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Good. Remember the hot blonde actress who played Maria. Remember the scene in the cellar where Dracula first entranced her. See this in your mind. And as you see this, remember how he stared into her eyes, entrancing her and making her feel awe, admiration, desire, and anticipation. Now I want you to see yourself in her place, feeling these feelings. When I snap my fingers, you will open your eyes. Gaze into my eyes and feel these feelings growing within you.”

I snapped my fingers and Carly opened her eyes. She looked directly into my eyes. I held her gaze. Her breathing deepened as the desire and anticipation grew. Carly had always been hot. But as her desire grew, a beatific smile spread across her face, making her look even more beautiful.

I felt my cock stirring as I pulled her close. She wrapped her arms around my neck as she pressed her chest to mine. She closed her eyes and kissed me passionately. Her lips were soft and giving. And the feeling of her hips pumping against mine made the kiss even more arousing. If we hadn’t been in the middle of rehearsal, I’d have taken her right there. But I wasn’t quite the exhibitionist that these three were, and we did have a rehearsal to get through.

I pulled away lowering her arms to her sides. “Now, go look in Joyce’s eyes and share these feelings with her.” Carly stepped up to her friend and gazed in her eyes. Joyce swallowed hard. We all knew she was attracted to my girlfriend. It was one of the reasons we were making this video; to give her an excuse to act on those desires.

“Joyce, as you look into Carly’s eyes. Let yourself feel what she feels.”

There’s a reason why hypnotists say ‘look into my eyes.’ Looking into another person’s eyes activates a part of the brain responsible for compassion and empathy. Joyce could share Carly’s feelings of being in a trance without a formal induction.

“These feelings are inside of you too. They always have been. All you have to do is let yourself feel them. Open yourself to this and feel it spreading throughout your body.” Joyce began to breathe deeply. Carly held Joyce’s gaze and soon their breathing fell into sync. It was incredibly erotic seeing their chests rise and fall together, knowing that Carly was pulling Joyce into her trance. With just a few breaths, desire and anticipation spread over Joyce’s face.

“Good. When your boyfriend acts as the Ring Master, points his ring at you and commands you to adore his cock, you will feel these feelings again and let your body express these feelings naturally, even as you follow my directions and say your character’s lines. Do you understand.”

Carly nodded and Joyce followed her lead. I chanced a quick glance at Mike. He was licking his lips. He thought he was in for a treat. Well, he was, but not the one he expected.

I snapped my fingers. “Wake up!” The girls started. Joyce flushed. Carly’s eyes practically sparkled with desire. She tried to grab me, but I backed away and settled into the directors chair.

“Alright, Let’s take it from where the Ring Master enters the room.” Carly stuck her tongue out at me as she moved back to the imaginary ring case.

Mike took a quick look at his script, looked up and mimed flipping a light switch. “What’s going on here.” He raised his arm like before, made a fist, and aimed his ring at Joyce. She froze in place. Carly started towards her friend, but Mike aimed his ring at her and she held still.

“Hold that.” I held up my fingers in a tiny square to simulate the camera’s viewfinder. Carly was out of the picture. “Felicia, you need to get closer before you freeze.” She took two steps forward and stood beside her friend. “Good, right there. Turn a little towards me. Put your hands down to your side, and stare straight ahead like you’ve been hypnotized by his ring.”

Carly giggled. But suppressed it quickly.

“Good. Continue.”

“Well, well,” Mike said in a sinister voice. He walked up to Joyce, “Didn’t expect to see you again. And who’s your friend with the porn star boob job?”

Joyce twitched like she was trying to fight the urge to answer. Mike pushed the ring into her face. “Answer me, slut.”

“Not so hard, Mike. Your character is patronizing, not angry. He thinks of women as toys, and he’s going to show these two how easily he can control them.”

Mike thought for a second. Then he put his fingers under Joyce’s chin and lifted it so they were gazing into each other’s eyes. “Answer.”

Joyce swallowed. “F…F… Felicia.”

“And you brought her as a peace offering?” The Ring Master nodded making Mary Jane mirror the gesture. “How nice of you. But I still want your adoring lips on my cock. Kneel.” He lifted his fist to make it even with her eyes. But instead of saying his line, he looked at his fist, then at me.

“Doesn’t this like I’m going to punch her?”

“Yeah. Hold your hand like this.” I positioned my forearm vertically so that the back of my hand faced him and I could see my own palm. Mike copied the position of my arm. “And relax your fingers so you can see your open palm and she can see the ring.” Mike did as I instructed. “Now turn your hand a little toward me. The camera needs to see the ring too.”

He obeyed. Then said to Joyce, “Kneel, slave. Show me how much you adore my cock and how much you love to serve The Ring Master.”

Responding to my earlier suggestion, Joyce relaxed. Her eyes shined bright with adoration as she lowered herself to her knees. Mike kept the ring within a few inches of her face.

Carly stole a glance at them. I probably should have kept her in a trance. She performs better when actually hypnotized. But Joyce looked very sexy with that enthralled look on her face, and I couldn’t blame my girlfriend for wanting to see it. It was a shame the girls needed to wear masks for the final film.

I gestured for Carly to keep her gaze forward. She stuck out her tongue at me again, but then followed my direction.

Joyce continued gazing at the ring while she pulled down Mike’s zipper. His cock was already hard. And she had difficulty pulling it out.

“Unbuckle his belt,” I told her, “and pull his pants down to his ankles.” That wasn’t in the script, but it would add a bit of humor in a minute.

Joyce pulled down both his pants and underpants at the same time. Mike’s cock sprung up and slapped her chin. It broke her concentration and she laughed. Carly broke character and started giggling.

I waited a until they stopped laughing, then told Mike to pull up his pants. “Start again from where Mary Jane unbuckles the Ring Master’s belt.” Mike had some difficulty stuffing himself back in his pants. Joyce tried to help, but her touch quickly became a couple of strokes, which just made him even stiffer. When she tried to stuff him back in, he winced.

“Can we skip ahead?” Mike asked.

I laughed. “Okay. You two can practice it on your own.” They shared a wink.” Just remember not to break character when his dick slaps you in the face. Okay?”

Carly shot me a devious smile. “Maybe you should hypnotize her to stay in character.” I caught her double meaning. Joyce didn’t know this, but when she first suggested we make this video, Carly started teasing me with the idea of turning her friend into our permanently hypnotized sex slave. She’d have never really let me go through with it, but her ideas made for some wild fantasies. We kept those ideas to ourselves. We didn’t want Mike knowing that Carly fantasized about me stealing his girlfriend.

“Next time, if we need to. Alright, take it from where Mary Jane starts sucking him.”

Joyce stroked his cock a couple more times. Then she took it in her mouth and began sliding her lips over the length of his shaft. She closed her eyes and rolled her head as she slid up and down the length of him.

“Don’t close your eyes until The Ring Master tells you to. Remember you’re supposed to be enthralled by his ring. You have no will or desires of your own. Keep your eyes on his. And only suck the top few inches of his shaft until he tells you to go all the way.

“Ring Master, keep your ring in her face while she begins to suck you. Let her go up and down a few times times. Then move your hands to the back of her head and tell her to go all the way down.”

Carly stole a glance at Mike’s cock. I ignored it. It wouldn’t matter where she looked when the camera was on Joyce. It would be more important that she look hypnotized when the camera was on Mike’s face.

Joyce started again. Mike followed my directions and kept his ring only an inch from her face while she moved up and down his shaft three times.

“Take me down your throat, slave,” Mike said as he grabbed her head with both hands.

“Now Mary Jane closes her eyes.” I said. Joyce closed her eyes and went to town sucking him.

“Okay, Ring Master. Let yourself enjoy this. Close your eyes and let yourself get lost in the pleasure.” Mike closed his eyes and let his head fall back as Joyce began sucking harder and harder. In a moment his hips began to thrust with Joyce’s rhythm.

“Okay. While The Ring Master narrows his focus to just Mary Jane. Felicia shakes off the trance.”

Carly blinked rapidly, then shook her head. She looked down at Joyce and smiled deviously.

“Felicia is shocked and appalled, not excited.” Carly widened her eyes and let her mouth hang open. “Better. Now there is a giant book on the table to your right. Grab it.”

Carly grabbed an imaginary book the size of a novel. “Bigger.” She spread her hands a few inches apart. “Bigger. Like The Book of Shadows on Charmed.” I held my hands a foot apart to show her. She copied my hands. “Good. Now hit him over the head with it. Break his concentration. Carly swung her arms as if she were smashing the book on Mike’s head.

Mike jerked his head to the side and his hands let go of Joyce’s head. “Good. Now hold that pose while Mary Jane steals the ring off your finger.” Joyce took his hand and pulled the ring off his finger. “Felicia, hit him again.” Carly obeyed. “Ring Master, take a step backwards, trip over your pants and fall to the ground. Mike took a step back. But instead of falling, he lowered himself to the ground carefully. We’d have to practice that again, but not today. Felicia slammed the imaginary tome down on his groin, grabbed Mary Jane by the arm and rushed her friend out an imaginary door.

“Good. Except for the part where you slammed a ten-pound book on your friend’s genitals.”

Mike covered himself feigning injury. “Oww, the pain!”

Carly mocked indignation as she came over to me. “He deserved it.”

“When we film this, make sure you miss his genitals. Hit his thighs or his stomach. We’ll wait for him to lose his erection, then we can film his reaction as if you actually hit him there.”

“Thank god,” Mike said. “Gotta protect the family jewels.” Joyce helped him to his feet, and he pulled his pants up. “I think I need to use the little boy’s room. Hold up on rehearsing the next scene until I get back okay?” He ducked out of the room.

“You do want to rehearse the last scene, right?” I didn’t wink. But I let my tone remind her of a post-hypnotic suggestion I’d given her last night. The anticipation made her breath deep. Joyce blushed as she noticed Carly’s chest rising.

Carly moved to the couch. Joyce swallowed her nervousness, then joined her. They sat facing each other, each with one leg under themselves and one leg on the floor. I pulled out my phone and started filming.

“I… I want to thank you for helping me today.” Joyce mimed pouring a glass of wine. She handed the imaginary cup to Carly, who sipped it lightly.

“I was happy to help,” Carly said. “But I don’t understand what happened. How did he make you do that?”

“It’s this ring.” Joyce held her hand flat like women do with engagement rings. “It has some kind of mystical power, gives the wearer the ability to instantly hypnotize anyone.”

Carly instantly went into a trance. A real trance. She stared into Joyce’s eyes just like before, and quickly allowed a look of overwhelming desire spread across her face. Joyce was caught off guard. She stared back, forgetting her line. Neither woman moved except for breathing, which soon fell into the same rhythm. The sight was even more erotic than before, and I felt my cock growing stiff as I filmed it.

“Now, Mary Jane, tell Felecia how beautiful she is.”

“You’re very beautiful,” Joyce whispered.

“Felicia, take Mary Jane’s hand and put it on your breast.” Carly held Joyce’s gaze as she turned her friend’s hand and pulled it to her breast. Joyce inhaled quickly as a jolt of sexual energy had raced up her arm.

“Mary Jane, tell Felicia to kiss you.”

“Kiss me,” she breathed. Carly leaned forward and kissed her. They kissed slowly and sensually, savoring the taste of each others’ desire. Joyce’s hand began caressing Carly’s breast, and Carly moved down to kiss Joyce’s neck.

Unfortunately, she blocked my view of Joyce’s face. “Felicia, kiss the other side of her neck.” Carly obeyed, and I could see that Joyce had closed her eyes. “Now caress her breasts. Carly’s hand moved to her friend’s breast and began massaging it slowly.

I filmed them like that for a couple of minutes. Then I told Carly to slip her hands between Joyce’s legs. Joyce began trembling as Carly’s hand slid down her stomach. And as that hand began to caress Joyce’s pussy, her hips bucked hard against it.

Carly caressed her friend’s pussy a few times. Then she unbuttoned Joyce’s jeans and pulled the zipper down. She pulled the flaps away and then rubbed her friend through her panties. I zoomed in to get a closeup of the caress as Carly snuck a finger into Joyce’s panties. I captured a hint of her wetness. Then zoomed back out to capture their whole bodies undulating against each other.

I filmed them for two minutes, then said, “Okay. Now Felicia pull back, rise up on your knees, and take your top off.” Carly obeyed. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Thanks to her flat stomach and solid back muscles, her perfectly shaped double Ds stood out beautifully.

“Now pull Mary Jane to your breast. “Mary Jane, you’ve wanted to kiss Felicia’s tits since you first saw her. Do it now.”

Joyce rose to her knees, cupped both of my girlfriend’s breasts, then lowered her mouth to one and began kissing and licking the nipple. Carly sighed. I’d given my her several post-hypnotic commands to increase the sensitivity of her nipples. In a deep trance, I can make them as sensitive as her clit. I could even make her cum by teasing them. She wasn’t that deep yet, but the movement of her hips told me she was getting there.

Their passion was contagious. I felt my cock straining inside my pants, and I had to fight the desire to drop my phone join them. In the final video, the girls would wear superhero masks to cover most of their faces. Viewers would never see just how beautiful these ladies were when actually entranced and aroused. They’d have to fill in the details with their imagination, just like we did with the original comic book stories. But for our private collection, I wanted to capture as much of this passion as I could.

Joyce seemed to sense how close Carly was to cuming. She licked harder and faster. She gently bit the nipple and teased it with her teeth. Carly’s hips bucked harder and she started trembling. She fell backwards and pulled her friend on top of her.

“Deeper,” I commanded Carly. “Go deeper into a trance and get ready to cum.” Her hips bucked harder, and she held her friend’s head tight to her breast. “Aaaaand …Cum Now!” Carly’s body shook hard as the orgasm overtook her. She squeezed Joyce’s head to her breast and then went limp.

Joyce lifted her head and shook it a few times. She was slowly waking from the trance. Carly, however, was conditioned from years of experience to remain in a trance until told to wake.

I put the phone away. Then I walked over to the girls and snapped my fingers. “Wake up.”

Joyce eyes went wide. “Oh, wow! I had no idea you were so sensitive.”

Carly just smiled as she poked a thumb in my direction.

“It’s a conditioned response,” I said. “We worked on increasing her sensitivity and responsiveness for weeks before she could cum from nipple play alone.”

Mike came back all showered and cleaned up. He took one look at the girls and his face fell. “Aww, damn! I missed it, didn’t I?”

We all laughed. “Don’t worry,” I said. “I recorded it for you.”

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