One Do-It-Yourself Kinky Comic Book Movie

Note: This story is a sequel to The Three-Point Orgasm. Joyce handed scripts to Carly, Mike, and myself. I asked her, “You know I’ve never directed a video before, right?” “But you consulted on a few, right? That puts you a step ahead of us.” Mike raised an eyebrow. “Who did you consult for?” “Another… Read More »

René and the Demon

Arnie entered his apartment to find a girl lying on the couch. Dressed in jeans, a sweatshirt, and sneakers, she looked like an undergrad. The head phones covering her ears and her closed eyes, told him that she was listening to one of his roommate’s immersive hypnosis programs. Isaac’s laptop on the coffee table displayed… Read More »

Cat registered as hypnotherapist

Apparently the rules in the UK are so lax that even a cat can be registered as a hypnotherapist. We were all laughing at this over at mind control forum. But it’s especially funny to those of us who live with (or used to live with) cats. I have been resisting the idea of producing… Read More »