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Good Vibrations

Sounds are vibrations that detect with our ears. When vibrations reach our eardrums, the membranes respond by vibrating with the same frequency. Our brains interpret this as hearing a sound. But we are in fact, feeling a vibration.

In this erotic hypnosis program, I help you discover your body's ability to feel the vibrations of my voice with each of your erogenous zones. Then I increase the sensitivity of your sex until it resonates with my voice, and you feel my words as erotic vibrations deep inside of your body.

The man has such a lovely voice...I would definitely give this nine out of ten. — Cara Sutra

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Tags: erotic hypnosis, for women, hands-free orgasms, cunnilingus, Hummilingus, Synesthesia (feeling sounds)

Post-hypnotic Suggestions: Feel my voice as vibrations in your sex and throughout your body. Become aroused at the sound of my voice.

Trigger:When I speak the word, you will instantly go into a trance, feel my voice vibrating in your sex and become intensely aroused. For safety reasons, this MP3 links the trigger phrase to my voice only.

Techniques: Nested stories, guided visualization

Audio Format: MP3 and Audio CD

Length: 26 minutes.

Price: $25 USD

Explicitness: Explicit descriptions of sexual activity