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Trance Conditioning (Female Voice)

This unique hypnosis recording combines Ericksonian storytelling, guided visualization, and neurolinguistic programming to integrate physical, emotional, direct, and indirect suggestions. The combined techniques will enable anyone to achieve more effective hypnosis regardless of their suggestibility type or experience level.

Positive affirmations help you gain confidence in your ability to respond to hypnotic suggestions and safety suggestions help you wake easily if needed.

Genres: General Hypnosis, Mental Conditioning

Post-hypnotic Suggestions: Go more deeply and easily into trance. See, hear and feel everything suggested. Feel safe. Wake easily if needed.

Techniques: Classical, progressive relaxation, confusion induction, guided visualization, some NLP, positive afirmations and time distortion.

Audio Format: Downloadable MP3 and CD On Sale for $10 USD Through Sept 30th. (MP3 only)

Length: 23 min (21 MB)

Price: $20 USD

Notes: This mp3 is free of gender and sexual references. So anyone can use it to enhance self hypnosis, self improvement or hypnotherapy programs, including weight loss, stop smoking, pain management, and stress reduction.
A male-voiced version is also available.

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