Trance Conditioning (Daniel’s voice)

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This non-sexual hypnosis MP3 is designed to enhance the listener’s responsiveness to hypnotic suggestion, help you achieve deeper trances and more vivid visualizations.

This unique hypnosis recording integrates classical hypnosis, Ericksonian storytelling, guided visualization, and neurolinguistic programming with physical, emotional, direct, and indirect suggestions. The combined techniques will enable anyone to achieve deeper trances, regardless of your personality type, suggestibility or experience level. Positive affirmations are included to help you gain confidence in your ability to respond to hypnotic suggestions, and safety suggestions help you wake easily if needed.

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Sexual Explicitness


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Post Hypnotic Suggestions

Go more deeply and easily into trance. See, hear and feel everything suggested., Be safe., Wake easily if needed.




23 minutes


2 reviews for Trance Conditioning (Daniel’s voice)

  1. Healing Paradigms

    This recording is best if you’re listening to it in conjunction with a hypnosis CD for any weightloss, cessation from addictions, pain management, stress reduction etc. Hypnotic Dreams’ mellifluous voice will take you deeper, and deeper into trance, and reinforce the suggestions of whatever hypnotic recordings you’ve been listen to. I do recall feeling myself go into theta when I listened to this recording, which doesn’t happen that often. This recording does what it promises, and it’s well worth the buy.

  2. Ronald R. Taylor

    i started listening to subliminal cd’s about 15 years ago.I started listening to hypnotic cd’s for about a year now. i tend to prefer subliminal cd’s to hypnotic cd’s because its hard for me to let go. but this cd seems to put me in a trance. i’m finding it easier to go into a trance with my other hypnotic cd’s , now.

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