Petplay: Training with Hypnosis and Meditation

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Petplay is a common form of dominance and submission

We cherish our pets. We give them love, food and shelter. In return, they give us unconditional love and devotion. It’s a simple relationship that satisfies a fundamental need: deep emotional rapport with another living being.

Because this emotional rapport can be so satisfying, many dominants enjoy training their submissives to be pets: Some train their subs to be human pets. Others train their subs to be puppies, kittens, ponies, bunnies or other animals.1 For submissives, petplay enables them to fulfill their need for emotional rapport and security. It also enables them to explore and develop animalistic aspects of their personality. Puppies and kittens are cuddly, carefree and playful. Bunnies are timid, ponies like to preen and be displayed.

Submissive pets may be naked or wear animal costumes. They may wear collars and leashes, and sometimes aspect masks. They get down on all fours and eat off the floor, whatever their master wishes. Some forms of petplay also include speech and movement restrictions to make the pet feel dependent on their master. For some, this is is fun, for others it’s humiliating.2 But the main appeal is still the intimate mental and emotional rapport the dom and sub create together.

The Petplay Mental Space

One of the most important aspects of petplay is the submissive’s mental space. Its a type of subspace, but completely non-verbal. People habitually think by mentally verbalizing words. Animals do not. This allows animals to devote more brain power to processing sensory stimuli. Sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touches all become more vivid. This means pets are fully present in the present moment. No regrets about the past. No plans for the future. Absolutely no worries or stress. Just living in the moment, playing, and freely expressing your love and devotion.

People are born with a non-verbal mental space, but we condition ourselves out of it. When we learn to talk, then read and write, we start thinking with words. We spend so much time in these activities that internally verbalizing our thoughts becomes our dominant thought process. Some people consider this as a bad habit. Because constantly thinking with words can be stressful – for some people. And getting back to a natural (or animalistic) mental space, can be refreshing.

This mental space enables pets to be more emotionally perceptive and empathic. This is why cats and dogs form such strong emotional bonds with their human companions. People are fully capable of this emotional perception, but the habit of verbally thinking dulls our sensory and emotional perceptions. And the emotional walls we erect to protect ourselves from manipulation dull them even further.

Putting the submissive into a pet’s non-verbal mental space helps restore this ability. With practice, the submissive pet can also learn to be more emotionally perceptive and empathic. And this can lead to deeper emotional rapport with your dominant.

Finding your Petplay Mental Space

The non-verbal mental space is natural. So you don’t need to create it from scratch. But because we spend so much time in the linguistic mental space, it becomes a habit. Like bad posture, you tend to slip back into it automatically. And like correcting your posture, it takes time, and diligent practice to retrain yourself to maintain it. Both meditation and hypnosis can help.


Meditation is the practice of putting yourself in a non-verbal mental space. (Although usually without submission.) The process often starts with a conscious attention to the breath. This focuses your attention on physical sensations,  clearing your mind of linguistic thoughts. But you may focus your attention on anything you see, hear, or feel. You can focus on feeling the rhythm of your breathing or beat of your heart. You might focus on listening to birds singing and discerning the different songs. Or you might focus on watching your cat sleep and see if you can match your breathing with theirs.

The goal is to be alert and aware of your senses; experiencing your presence in your body and your place in the world. But without mentally verbalizing any thoughts or making any judgements about the experience.

Beginners often find themselves sliding back into linguistic thoughts. Like bad posture, you tend to slip back into them automatically. And just like correcting your posture, it takes time, and diligent practice to keep your mind free of linguistic thoughts.


Hypnosis (both traditional and erotic hypnosis) can help you to maintain this mental space longer. It can also help you maintain it while interacting with your dominant or master. Once you’re comfortable staying in this mental space, you can start to work on your emotional perception. This will make it easier for you to perceive the emotional content of your dominant’s body language and voice. And the more you work on this, the more perceptive you’ll become. You to become more empathic and more attuned to your Master’s desires and modes. This will enable you improve your rapport with your master and improve your service to them.

The Perfect Pet - Hypnosis for erotic pet playThis is the process I guide you through in my MP3, The Perfect Pet. In this recording, I guide you into a trance. With a little age regression, I help you remember how your non-verbal mental space feels. As you grow into a teenager, I guide you through becoming aware of your surroundings and attuned to them. You discover your emotionally perceptions and become aware of how this helps you interact with people. Finally you choose a master and give yourself to them as a human pet, giving unconditional love and devotion.


Becoming a human pet isn’t just about acting like an animal. It’s about setting aside linguistic thoughts, and becoming more attuned to your senses. It’s about forgetting shame and modesty and living in the pure natural joy of your body. It’s about setting aside concerns of the past and future, and living fully in the present. But most importantly, this is about embracing your natural desire to give unconditional love and devotion and building a deep emotional rapport with your master.



Hypnosis for Submission Training

Hypnotic Dreams offers these hypnosis MP3s to help condition your mind for submission and obedience within a consensual D/s relationship.

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