Developing BDSM Subspace with Hypnosis

Subspace is the state of mind that submissives enter to enjoy BDSM activities. When a sub enters this mental space, the dom’s control feels intimate, sexual, and exciting. Hypnosis provides the most effective methods to help a sub develop their subspace and condition them to return to it on command. But to understand why and… Read More »

New Release: The Essence of a Slave

It’s a miracle. I actually met a target date!!   The Essence of a Slave is now available. This is a kidnap fantasy for women who dream of being sexual slaves. While riding a train, you are kidnapped and taken to a hidden palace. You’re chained to a column in the harem where you see… Read More »

Status update on Essence of a Slave

I recorded a session of Essence of a Slave yesterday. Started listening to it today. It sounds good so far. So there’s a good chance I might actually be able to release this recording near my target date ( April 20-25). Now if I can just figure out what music to use.

Early Preview for Essence of a Slave

Although I’m still rehearsing Essence of a Slave, I’ve posted an excerpt from the April 2 rehearsal as an early preview. Essence of a Slave is a kidnap and enslavement fantasy that includes post-hypnotic suggestions to think and feel like a true slave. Rehearsals are going fairly well, with any luck, I’ll be able to… Read More »

submission to men and women

I received an interesting question in the mail today. A listener wanted to know if A Tango in Subspace would make her more submissive to both men and women, or just to men. When I wrote the script, I only had heterosexual relationships in mind. But I went back and looked over the script, and… Read More »